Mentor On-going Opportunities

Mentor On-going Opportunities are year-round opportunities for mentors to continue their learning in community with other mentors. After attending Mentor Academy 101, mentors can choose an on-going learning community to engage with others throughout the school year.

Mentor Roundtables 

Mentor Roundtables are opportunities for mentors and coaches to build knowledge, practice skills, collaborate with colleagues, and reflect on their work supporting educator growth and pursuing educational equity. Roundtables follow a 3-part structure: Connecting, Building, Coaching.

Roundtable content is structured to help mentors learn together in a community style cohort and dive into the Washington State Mentoring Standards

  • Session 1 & 2: Standard 1
  • Session 3: Standard 2
  • Session 4: Standard 3
  • Session 5: Standard 4
  • Session 6: Standard 5
  • Session 7 & 8: Standard 6

All BEST Mentor Roundtables will be virtual (Zoom) until further notice. There are several Roundtable offerings with a specific emphasis or facilitation style. Please choose and register for the Roundtable that best fits your needs, interests, and schedule.

Roundtable Schedule

Please register for the cohort you will be attending as found on the "BEST Agenda - Roundtable" pdf attached to the pdEnroller registration link. 

Title Date and Time Register
2023-24 BEST Mentor Roundtables
Sep 6 2023 | 9am - May 30 2024 | 6:30pm


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Mentor Academy 101 VANCOUVER
Jun 24 2024 | 8am - 3pm
Jun 25 2024 | 8am - 3pm

2500 NE 65th Ave | Vancouver WA | 98661

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