Center for the Improvement of Student Learning (CISL)

The Legislature created the Center for the Improvement of Student Learning (CISL) to facilitate access to research, information, and materials on educational improvement (RCW 28A.300.130). CISL's work includes a specific focus on students who are underserved in our schools.

The Superintendent of Public Instruction appoints CISL's director. CISL's office is within OSPI, but it is not a part of any single division within the agency. Instead, CISL works in collaboration with OSPI staff, external partners, and families to address the academic and non-academic needs of all students.

CISL's mission is to connect people to the research, information, and tools they need to improve learning and teaching in our state.

Multi-Tiered System of Supports

Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is a framework for enhancing the adoption and implementation of a continuum of evidence-based practices to achieve important outcomes for every student.

Research Center and Clearinghouse

The Research Center and Clearinghouse (RCC) seeks to improve equitable educational opportunities for all students by mobilizing knowledge, from educational data, research, program evaluation, and other forms of systematic inquiry, to support equity-based policymaking and practice.

Language Access Technical Assistance Program

The Language Access Technical Assistance Program (LATAP) provides consultation, resources, and other supports for school districts as they expand language access services (primarily interpretation and translation) for families that require it.

Any questions about available services can be directed to Leonard Alvarez, OSPI Language Access Program Supervisor.