Home/Hospital Instruction

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Home Hospital Fiscal Requirements or Enrollment Reporting
Becky Mclean
Supervisor of Enrollment and Categorical Funding
(360) 725-6306

Health Services
Annie Hetzel

Home/Hospital (H/H) instruction is provided to students who are temporarily unable to attend school for an estimated period of four weeks and no more than 18 weeks because of a physical and/or mental disability or illness. The program does not provide tutoring to students caring for an infant or a relative who is ill.

School districts determine student eligibility for H/H tutoring based on the requirements found in Washington Administrative Code WAC 392-172A-02100 and guidelines for district administration of the H/H Instruction Program.

  • H/H is limited to services as deemed necessary to provide temporary intervention as a result of physical and/or mental disability or illness.
  • H/H services are limited to a maximum of 18 weeks. Weeks of absences may be consecutive or intermittent but may not exceed the 18-week limit.

Please review our Home and Hospital Guidance for information on eligibility, week limitations, tutoring and reporting requirements.