2024 - Washington State Teacher of the Year - Blaire Penry

Blaire Penry teaches CTE and Fine Arts at Auburn School District and is the worksite learning coordinator for multiple schools. A true equity driven educator, she has led in the creation of student equity groups, developed and facilitated equity and diversity professional development for a 1st-12th grade faculty, and committed to working with local leaders to make sure all students are prepared for the future that they choose. Informed by her lived experiences and inspired by her activism work, Blaire's vision and voice are integral in continually shaping policies and initiatives that intentionally cultivate a reflective, emboldened staff and student body at Auburn Online and across ASD. She has served as high school faculty lead, is on the building leadership team, co-lead of Visible Learning, on the SIP team and the Equity faculty lead. She is an active member of Auburn Equity Leadership Academy, promoting culturally responsive practices throughout ASD. She volunteers in DECA programs, participates in the Black/African American affinity group and serves on CTE advisory committees. In every learning experience Blaire facilitates, her students drive and lead the learning. Her unconditional positivity for her students is a key reason she is so impactful. Blaire loves her job and said she gets to laugh with her students every day. She loves exploring topics that students find relevant to their lives. " I believe that Mrs. Penry is an outstanding teacher, the way that she shows her students how much she cares about them and the energy she brings to the classroom everyday constantly making you want to be there is amazing." says senior Jekyla Beasley. Blaire's leadership continues to shape not only her school community, but inspires her colleagues and the student body to be reflective, informed, active citizens of Auburn.

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1-12 CTE/Electives Teacher
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Washington State Teacher of the Year
Blaire Penry