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Consolidated Program Review

The Consolidated Program Review (CPR) process is used to review multiple programs under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). The process consists of an OSPI team working with the Local Educational Agencies (LEA) as partners reviewing federal and state programs for improvement with an emphasis on student outcomes. The CPR process is one-way OSPI fulfills requirements under Federal regulations (2 CFR 200). 

Over the course of the last two school years, OSPI has been engaged in aligning the CPR process with OSPI's Strategic Goals. We have worked with local, state, and national organizations and individuals to develop this process. Our desire is to refine the process to reduce the burden on LEAs and ensure a meaningful review that leads to improved student outcomes.

As this process develops, we will continue to reach out to partners for feedback. Please contact our CPR team by email if you wish to provide feedback.

Monitoring Continuum 

Our monitoring process includes a review of all aspects of interactions we have with LEAs. This continuum includes the application process, technical assistance, guidance, program training, reporting, and CPR. Programs will be tailored to align with the needs of the LEA. Each year, some LEAs may be asked to participate in a Limited Program Review (i.e., only a select few programs will be reviewed) and others may be asked to participate in a Full Program Review (i.e., all applicable programs will be reviewed). Some LEAs will not participate in the Program Review for multiple years, and others may be asked for an on-site review by a specific program. As we modify the process, our goal is to strengthen student support, improve student outcomes, and increase equitable access.

LEA Selection

Instead of using the legacy format of LEA selection by region, we are aligning practice with feedback from the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) to move to a solely risk-based selection process. The 60 LEAs with the highest risk score will participate in desk reviews. The risk assessment will include an analysis of data related to federal ESEA programs and other available data.

For the 2022-23 review cycle the risk assessment was based on the following available data and weighted in the following order.

  1. Last time the LEA participated in CPR
  2. Percentage of schools within the district identified as needing Comprehensive or Targeted Supports
  3. Items not implemented in previous CPR (only applies to those participating since 2018)
  4. Total amount of federal ESSA and ESSER funds in the LEA
  5. Recent State Auditor’s Office findings

Charter Schools and State-Tribal Education Compact Schools are selected by way of a modified selection process. In the second year of operation or participation, the school will be selected to participate in a limited review. Then a full review in their fourth year. In their sixth year and beyond, they are added to the risk assessment and selected similarly to the districts.

LEAs selected for CPR were notified in August 2022. The list of selected LEAs is available on this webpage in the resources section above.

Programs Included