Middle School Unit 2 Washington State History

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Tribal Perspectives of American History in the Northwest

Chapter 8 starts at 109.45 minutes/seconds and ends at 1:15.12 minutes/seconds on video.
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New Technologies and Industries: Hanford Nuclear Reservation's Effects on Indian Country

Historical Era

1945 – 1980 Self-Determination

STI Unit Overview

The Hanford Nuclear Reservation was an important part of the development of nuclear materials in the middle part of the 20th century. Most of the nuclear materials created at Hanford were used in the making of nuclear weapons. The affects of Hanford on the Tribes whose lands are on or near Hanford have been nothing short of devastating. Despite most nuclear reactors being shut down by the early 1970's, the toxic waste from Hanford continues to affect the physical and spiritual life of Native people.

Level 1

Activities provide an opportunity for students to read an article and discuss questions to learn about the effects of Hanford’s waste materials on the Indian people of the Columbia and consider the 1855 treaty rights and the impacts of Hanford.

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Level 2

Activities engage students in a role-play to understand how the Hanford Nuclear Reservation has impacted Tribes’ land, resources and culture and to research from multiple perspectives the continued affects of Hanford on Northwest Tribes. Students will develop and make a presentation of group research findings to the class.

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Level 3

To complete this level, students will use the information they gathered in their group research project to formulate a personal essay incorporating prior knowledge and will complete the Humans and the Environment CBA.

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STI Essential Questions

  1. What do local tribes do to meet the challenges of reservation life? What do these tribes, as sovereign nations, do to meet the economic and cultural needs of their tribal communities?

Standards for Social Studies, English Language Arts, Environmental and Sustainability Education, and Social Emotional Learning

OSPI-Developed Assessments for Social Studies

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