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Trainings, Modules, and Presentations

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The following trainings are used by district and school staff for the purpose of administering or preparing to administer the state-adopted English language proficiency assessments. These trainings help educators most accurately assess students' English language proficiency. Trainings, modules, and presentations will be populated as they become available.

Test Administrator Trainings

District and school staff who will be administering training for WIDA Assessments must be completed through the WIDA Secure Portal

Domain Exemptions Guidance for IEP Teams

Domain Exemption is the term we use to allow students to not test in a specific domain of language (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) due to a disability associated with that domain. This 13-minute video will provide IEP teams with guidance on making the decision around exempting a student from a language domain during ELP assessments. This module provides criteria for decision-making as well as example scenarios.