Worksite Learning and Career Choices

WAC 181-77-068

Requirements for the coordinator of worksite learning initial or continuing certificates.

To obtain a coordinator of worksite learning certificate, a candidate must:

  1. Possess a valid limited, initial or continuing career and technical education teaching certificate: Provided that if the individual holds a limited CTE Conditional certificate they must be enrolled in an approved program; and
  2. Successfully demonstrate competencies related to coordination techniques as verified by a professional educator standards board-approved program.

The teacher/applicant will need to complete the worksite learning course and enroll in the PLAN 1 (University route program) or PLAN 2 (Business and Industry route program) in an area other than Worksite Learning and work towards obtaining the CTE Initial. WAC 181-77-068

If you have completed the Worksite Learning course, and hold a CTE Conditional, CTE initial or CTE continuing please fill out the 4075W–CTE Worksite Learning Course Completion Verification Form and submit the signed original to our office.