OSPI’s Website Address Change

We are excited to announce an important update regarding our website URL. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve functionality and increase internet security, we are changing our current URL from k12.wa.us to ospi.k12.wa.us. Read more about this change and its impact

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Data Portal

Data for Public Use

The data portal is a repository for data from OSPI that is available for public use. Here you can find data about PreK-12 students, transportation, school facilities, school accountability, educators, district finances, and school directory and contact information. The data portal contains the most recently available data and most files are specific for each school year of data. Older data may be available upon request. Look to our data sharing page for information on requesting or accessing older data.  Various file formats are used and some results may link to other pages (specifically the school apportionment reports from School Apportionment and Financial Services).

The data on this portal does not fully represent all data publically available from OSPI, but is designed to be a hub for locating the majority of data available.

Looking for the previous "Data Downloads" page from the old Washington Report Card site? Those files are now located in the Washington Open Data Portal using the search ReportCard or by selecting this button to take you directly there: 

Other Washington State education data resources


National education data resources


Filters on the lower-left can be expanded by selecting the topical word and by selecting or unselecting the box next to the chosen filter. Selecting one or more filters will update the list of data files available in the list to the right and can be used to find a specific set of data.

Currently filtered by:

Data Filters

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Level of Aggregation
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