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Notification of Discipline Actions

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Notification of denial, surrender, suspension, or revocation of certificates (January 2000-Current Date).

Per WAC 181-86-185, "The superintendent of public instruction shall notify all other states whenever an applicant has been denied a certificate for failure to possess good moral character or personal fitness or whenever a certificate has been suspended, surrendered, or revoked and shall provide the full name and certificate number, if applicable, to the agency responsible for certification in each state. The superintendent of public instruction shall notify appropriate public or private school officials within the state the name and certification number of all certificate holders whose certificates have been suspended, surrendered, or revoked."


Pursuant to the Washington State Public Records Act (RCW 42.56), OSPI has redacted exempt information in these documents. The most common redactions include the following: state employee personal information, including: home address, phone numbers, social security numbers; student personal information, including: home address, phone numbers, social security numbers, parent names.

If you require a complete redaction log, please contact the Public Disclosure Office.

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Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Abbey, Brian 501988J Voluntary Surrender 8/31/2016
Abrahams, Neil 365180R Revocation 12/18/2008
Acob, Noly 369924F Final Order of Suspension Acob, Noly, Final Order of Suspension - Screen Readable 5/17/2013
Acuff, Sharon M 199459R Suspension 8/23/2004
Alegado, Gideon-Mer 405959H Voluntary Surrender 9/13/2022
Alexander, Bryan N. 353584F Permanent Revocation Alexander, Bryan, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 11/8/2012
Alldis, Troy 280515H Voluntary Surrender 5/17/2004
Allen, Jannine 497579C Revocation Allen, Jannine - Screen Readable 5/19/2015
Allen, Michael 451449C Voluntary Surrender 3/17/2014
Allen, Chad Michael 312521H Voluntary Surrender 3/24/2000
Allison, Douglas 466717F Permanent Revocation Allison, Douglas, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 11/21/2016
Alstad, Michael 240835R Voluntary Surrender 3/2/2006
Altheide, Jerome B. 122365J Permanent Revocation Altheide, Jerome, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 7/24/2012
Altman, Ken 335630J Voluntary Surrender 3/19/2002
Altmeyer, Steven 228980R Suspension 3/5/2008
Alvarado, Amanda 520967A Voluntary Surrender 8/4/2021
Alvarado, Leticia 450672A Denial of Application 1/2009
Ammons, Ernest 414051C Revocation Ammons, Ernest, Revocation - Screen Readable 10/9/2013
Anderson, Barbara 457846D Permanent Revocation Anderson, Barbara, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 12/16/2011
Anderson, David 165811A Revocation 1/13/2003
Anderson, Thor 390149C Voluntary Surrender 7/8/2009
Andrews, Donald R 268650R Revocation 10/20/2000
Anter, Sean 359202R Denial of Application 5/2001
Aplass, Wendy  232349A  Stayed Suspension  1/30/2003 
Aplass, Wendy  232349A  Reinstatement  4/13/2005 
Argetes, Harry 189317A Suspension 10/28/2002
Argetes, Harry 189317A Reinstatement 1/16/2008
Arnold, Ashlyn 518443G Suspension, Suspension - Screen Readable 9/6/2019
Asplund, Ronald W. 239238R Permanent Revocation Asplund, Ronald, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 11/1/2012
Aukland, Michael 421023C Suspension Aukland, Michael, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 9/4/2013

Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Baker, David 310302E Revocation 1/27/2007
Baker, Larry  094013J  Suspension  9/15/2001 
Baker, Larry  094013J  Reinstatement  11/14/2001 
Bale, James 107359B Permanent Revocation 7/11/2007
Ball, John 129041J Revocation 12/17/2007
Ballard, Tim 412166A Denial of Application 2/2003
Ballou, Richard 345338H Suspension 7/9/2008
Barager, Paul 315462B Voluntary Surrender 2/27/2023
Barany, Matthew 389934A Suspension 12/18/2008
Barany, Matthew 389934A Reinstatement 11/16/2012
Barcenas, Jesus 405077R Permanent Revocation 4/8/2010
Barcot, Michael 355006H Voluntary Surrender 9/18/2023
Barnett, Michael 353053B Voluntary Surrender 09/14/2010
Barnett, Michael 353053B Reinstatement 11/3/2014
Barrett, Chad F. 411135G Suspension Barrett, Chad, Suspension - Screen Readable 7/2/2015
Barry, David 179958D Voluntary Surrender 5/26/2017
Bassett, Benjamin 541769F Voluntary Surrender 5/24/2023
Batchelder, Elizabeth 407307H Voluntary Surrender 10/24/2005
Bauer, Ronald 318405H Voluntary Surrender 10/21/2003
Bayne, John 144259R Suspension 7/31/2003
Beauchamp, Ronald T 321881E Suspension Beauchamp, Ron, Suspension - Screen Readable 10/30/2013
Beck, Christi 342520D Voluntary Surrender 12/3/2015
Beck, Christi 342520D Reinstatement 08/05/2016
Becker, Edward L 131570D Suspension 11/10/2004
Becker, Edward 131570D Reinstatement 1/10/2005
Bednar, Jeanne M. 307484F Agreed Order of Suspension 9/16/2002
Beeson, Lance   Denial of Application 7/2009
Beeson, Lance 464363A Denial of Application Beeson, Lance, Denial of Application - Screen Readable 11/1/2016
Bell, Charles 313314G Suspension 11/14/2005
Bell, Charles 313314G Reinstatement 3/14/2006
Bellamy, David 417146H Voluntary Surrender 01/15/2010
Belser, Patrick 409709C Permanent Revocation Belser, Patrick, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 2/23/2018
Bender, Todd 324567G Permanent Revocation Bender, Todd, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 8/10/2016
Bendixen, Kelly 359932A Permanent Revocation, Bendixen, Kelly, Permanent Revocation-Screen Readable 11/1/2019
Benedict, Leslie (Bruce) 269611J  Suspension  6/7/2009 
Benedict, Tyler James 418018H  Permanent Revocation Benedict, Tyler James, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 2/23/2011 
Bennett, Brian David 412711D Revocation Bennett, Brian David, Revocation - Screen Readable 03/06/2015
Bennett, James 537997R Voluntary Surrender 3/23/2020
Bensadon, Mark   Denial of Application 6/18/2012
Benson, Anthony 242155J  Suspension  11/16/2001
Benson, Anthony 242155J Reinstatement 12/6/2003
Benson, Anthony 242155J Suspension Benson, Anthony, Suspension - Screen Readable 12/9/2015
Benson, Anthony 242155J Reinstatement 6/22/2016
Benson, Christopher  360387E  Voluntary Surrender 5/12/2010 
Beresford, Robert 336789C Permanent Revocation 11/23/2005
Bernstein, Theodore A 409495R Permanent Revocation Bernstein, Theodore, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 10/09/2013
Bethea, Kirsten 459309A Voluntary Surrender 11/12/2019
Bilal, Carolyn 261734H Revocation Bilal, Carolyn - Screen Readable 6/28/2010
Bilal, Carolyn 261734H Denial of Application Bilal, Carolyn - Screen Readable 4/09/2015
Bill, Denise 272791E Suspension 10/6/2008
Billmaier, Harvey 286192J Revocation 3/3/2008
Bishop, Frederick 212205R Permanent Revocation Bishop, Frederick, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 8/2/2023
Blanning, Aaron 519560G Voluntary Surrender 5/31/2019
Bledsoe, Donald 157313H Voluntary Surrender 8/2/2000
Bloomstrom, Betty 393699D Revocation Bloomstrom, Betty, Revocation - Screen Readable 01/11/2010
Blount, Jeffery 408669J Voluntary Surrender 5/10/2021
Boggs, Douglas 343593J Suspension 11/29/2007
Bohn, Amy 286838H Voluntary Surrender 8/17/2007
Bolen, Leonard 364773B Voluntary Surrender 12/12/2001
Boncz, Patricia 417456A Suspension Boncz, Patricia, Suspension - Screen Readable 02/16/2011
Bond, Dennis G 131571B Voluntary Surrender 7/1/2004
Bone, William 239225F Revocation 6/22/2005
Booth, Eileen 485673H Suspension Booth, Eileen, Suspension - Screen Readable 6/21/2017
Booth, Eileen 485673H Reinstatement 8/1/2017
Booth, Melina Yrene T095122 Denial of Application Booth, Melina Yrene, Denial of Application - Screen Readable 03/15/2010
Boromisza, Josie 350599G Suspension Boromisza, Josie, Suspension - Screen Readable 10/22/2014
Botnen, Nathan 429792E Permanent Revocation Botnen, Nathan, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 4/7/2011
Bottemiller, Jay A 392612H Suspension 4/15/2005
Bottemiller, Jay 392612H Reinstatement 8/10/2005
Bowerly, Daniel K 217984D Suspension 9/7/2004
Bowerly, Daniel K 217984D Reinstatement 11/6/2004
Boyce, Vallen 412961E Suspension Boyce, Vallen, Suspension - Screen Readable 4/30/2012
Boyce, Vallen 412961E Reinstatement 9/10/2012
Boyden-Daniel, Kathleen 261906B Suspension 7/26/2004
Boyle, Jeffrey 337159H Voluntary Surrender 11/05/2009
Brandt, Ann 319207G Suspension Brandt, Ann, Suspension - Screen Readable 1/3/2017
Brannman, Ward 269011C Voluntary Surrender 4/7/2020
Brauns, Carol 150360F Suspension Brauns, Carol, Suspension - Screen Readable 6/27/12
Brave, Wendell J 254750C Voluntary Surrender 11/25/2003
Brennan, Timothy 347067A Voluntary Surrender 6/6/2019
Brkljacich, Matthew 276721H Suspension Brkljacich, Matthew, Suspension - Screen Readable 9/28/2022
Brower, Andrea 398042B Suspension Brower, Andrea, Suspension-Screen Readable 9/24/2019
Brower, Andrea 398042B Reinstatement 4/19/2022
Brown, Anthony 368211R Suspension Brown, Anthony, Suspension - Screen Readable 2/7/2013
Brown, Anthony 368211R Reinstatement 8/8/2013
Brown, Darren 443360C Suspension Brown, Darren, Suspension - Screen Readable 4/18/2019
Brown, Dexter 412003F Denial of Application 7/2003
Brown, Kenneth 322332H Suspension Brown, Kenneth, Suspension - Screen Readable 8/28/2012
Brown, Kenneth 322332H Reinstatement 5/13/2015
Brown, Mark 398285G Voluntary Surrender 7/13/2011
Brown, Michael E 187281A Voluntary Surrender 8/30/2002
Brown, Richard W 407654C Denial of Application 4/2003
Brown, Stephen 467385A Revocation Brown, Stephen, Revocation - Screen Readable 9/4/2013
Brown, Wilda (Wendy) 313114A Suspension 11/13/2008
Buchanan, Sheree 472040E Permanent Revocation Buchanan, Sheree, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 12/16/2011
Buck, Terry 268183A Suspension 12/7/2000
Buckenberger, Gerald 258193B Voluntary Surrender 5/20/2021
Buckley, Richard 314382C Voluntary Surrender 2/12/2003
Buissink, Tiffany 483105C Suspension Buissink, Tiffany, Suspension - Screen Readable 6/27/2017
Burns, Byron 469005C Permanent Revocation Burns, Byron, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 1/5/2017
Burton, John David 274952A Suspension Burton, John David, Suspension - Screen Readable 10/5/2011
Bush, Edwin 515888F Voluntary Surrender 11/30/2018
Bush, Jennifer 286743J Voluntary Surrender 3/16/2007
Bush, Terrie 353767G Voluntary Surrender 6/10/2021
Butler, Carl K 374030E Revocation 8/23/2001
Butler, Teresa 260866R Final Order of Suspension Butler, Teresa, Final Order of Suspension - Screen Readable 6/26/2018
Butler, Teresa 260866R Reinstatement 11/15/2018
Bynum, Herman 342255G Suspension 2/24/2003
Bynum, Herman 342255G Reinstatement 10/13/2004

Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Cabrera, Esteban 428807B Suspension 2/21/2008
Cabrera, Esteban 428807B Reinstatement 7/30/2008
Calcagni, Carlo 290940F Voluntary Surrender 7/5/2007
Caldwell, George 405639F Denial of Application 1/2003
Caldwell, Scott M 331300D Suspension 5/16/2002
Campbell, Bonnie 347911J Suspension Campbell, Bonnie - Screen Readable 11/7/2013
Campbell, Jeremy 543439D Permanent Revocation Campbell, Jeremy, Permanent Revocation, Screen Readable 4/30/2019
Campbell, William (James) 233803F Voluntary Surrender 9/26/2007
Capo, Linda 345373E Suspension 9/3/2009
Carlson, Emil (Jerry) 205457E Suspension Carlson, Emil - Screen Readable 7/24/2012
Carlson, Emil 205457E Reinstatement 01/28/2013
Carlton, Mark 377094H Voluntary Surrender 7/10/2001
Carnegie, James 451544A Permanent Revocation 7/1/2009
Carnegie, Michael 434936A Voluntary Surrender 1/11/2018
Carpenter, Andria 494440A Voluntary Surrender 11/12/2019
Carpenter, Scott L 383811G  Denial of Application 7/2007
Carrera, Ruben 259912D Permanent Revocation 4/22/2009
Carter, Bryan 416761E Voluntary Surrender 01/28/2013
Castilleja, Stephen 507611B Permanent Revocation Castilleja, Stephen, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 2/23/2018
Castillo, Alfred 217764J Permanent Revocation 5/7/2007
Castle, Carol 374858R Voluntary Surrender 8/21/2007
Castle, Karen 423466B Denial of Application 6/16/2008
Chicha, David 245071F Voluntary Surrender 12/22/2009
Christensen, Bret 362217B Suspension 9/7/2005
Christensen, Bret 362217B Reinstatement 1/7/2006
Christopherson, Wayne 221750C Permanent Revocation 8/9/2005
Chonka, Paul 386679E Voluntary Surrender 3/12/2019
Church, Michael 454343E Voluntary Surrender 4/5/2018
Cilento, Gene 398767D Voluntary Surrender 5/7/2019
Clark, Sean 407579B Permanent Revocation Clark, Sean, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 11/29/2017
Clement, Claudia 210252C Suspension 9/8/2003
Clement, Claudia 210252C Reinstatement 8/31/2003
Cloudy-Vokacek, Jennifer 451168R Denial of Application 1/2008
Cobb, Quentin 393823J Suspension 2/4/2008
Coberly, Alexander 361433F Revocation 11/26/2007
Cochrane, Andrew 319776A Suspension 11/18/2002
Cochrane, Andrew 319776A Reinstatement 5/10/2005
Coe, Andrew 359669R Voluntary Surrender 9/9/2015
Coffey, Caryl 381205D Suspension 9/8/2003
Colgan, Patrick 446303J Voluntary Surrender 5/29/2015
Collins, Daniel 319450C Suspension 10/29/2003
Collins, Daniel 319450C Reinstatement 1/21/2004
Conant, Trent 466840F Voluntary Surrender 3/22/2010
Condotta, Bryson 439093F Voluntary Surrender 4/28/2017
Conley, Brent 488049H Voluntary Surrender 3/27/2014
Cook, Austin 229230H Voluntary Surrender 10/3/2001
Corey-Boulet, Francis 405437E Denial of Application 8/2002
Corkrum, Gordon 182261H Voluntary Surrender 9/2001-12/2002
Cornwell, Christian 461881E Denial of Application 7/2008
Cortez, Ricardo 242526B Voluntary Surrender 11/16/2000
Coulon, Brianna 490319A Voluntary Surrender 10/15/2018
Craven, KC L 407782B Voluntary Surrender 4/3/2014
Creek, Randall 362415B Suspension 1/1/2006
Creek, Randall 362415B Reinstatement 4/21/2006
Creevey, James 147856R Denial of Application 7/2002
Crist, David 214899G Suspension 6/10/2002
Cronin, Mike 391162E Suspension Cronin, Mike, Suspension - Screen Readable 2/16/2022
Cross, David P 221756J Voluntary Surrender 4/6/2004
Crouch, Michael 506122A Revocation Crouch, Michael, Revocation - Screen Readable 7/24/2017
Crutcher, Stephen L 314562J Suspension 8/28/2002
Cuatt, Susanne 323679A Suspension 6/18/2006
Cuatt, Susanne 323679A Reinstatement 5/23/2007
Cuffel, Robert C. 184360F Revocation 4/28/1997
Cummings, Carla 432721R Suspension Cummings, Carla - Screen Readable 6/13/2013
Curry, Glen K 384880A Revocation 5/5/2005
Curry, Karen 287769D Suspension 7/11/2003
Curry, Karen 287769D Reinstatement 8/1/2003

Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Dailey, Charles W 147570F Voluntary Surrender 7/1/2004
Daley, Argentina 195467F Denial of Application 11/25/2009
Daley, Argentina 195467F Suspension 8/4/2005
Daley, Argentina 195467F Reinstatement 3/7/2012
Day, Jacques 567908R Voluntary Surrender 11/3/2022
Daly, Julie 364618R Revocation 4/25/2006
Daman, Daniel "Joe" 167148F Voluntary Surrender 4/16/2004
Davidson, Steve 331083F Voluntary Surrender 10/3/2018
Davidson, Winfield 216689J Voluntary Surrender 2/8/2001
Davis, Brian W. 473334A Voluntary Surrender 5/17/2016
Davis, Duchante 529879R Voluntary Surrender 12/2/2019
Davis, Jacqueline 433494B Suspension Davis, Jacqueline, Suspension - Screen Readable 10/22/2014
Davis, Kenneth 287538C Revocation 2/26/2004
Davis, Lisa 335258J Permanent Revocation Davis, Lisa, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 2/27/2014
Davis, Randell 40040B Suspension Davis, Randell, Suspension - Screen Readable 6/26/2020
Davison, Christopher M 378596A Suspension 8/23/2004
Dawkins, Veronica 359937J Voluntary Surrender 2/2/2011
Day, Jacques 567908R Voluntary Surrender 11/3/2022
DeBolt, Darin 436554J Permanent Revocation DeBolt, Darin, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 6/29/2010
DeBruyne, Joseph R. Jr. 260980H Suspension 5/24/2004
DeBruyne, Joseph R. Jr. 260980H Reinstatement 11/19/2004
DeFluri, Lisa 505839A Permanent Revocation DeFluri, Lisa, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 7/15/2021
DeForest, John 226860E Suspension 5/24/2001
Deifel, Aaron 390425G Voluntary Surrender 4/15/2009
DeLaRosa, Abel 409847A Suspension 12/23/2005
Del Mundo, Barbara 424772B Revocation Del Mundo, Barbara, Revocation - Screen Readable 6/13/2013
DeLong, Roy 242018J Suspension DeLong, Roy, Suspension - Screen Readable 9/6/2019
Deloretto, Louis 277385A Voluntary Surrender 4/19/2006
Deming, James 196891F Revocation 6/22/2005
Dennis, Robert 377713C Voluntary Surrender 11/9/2015
DeSantiago, Nathaniel 514401R Voluntary Surrender 6/29/2020
Devereaux, Henry 205275A Suspension 5/2/2005
Devlin, Sean 526108F Voluntary Surrender 1/25/2023
Devlin, Shannon 322727R Suspension Devlin, Shannon - Screen Readable 6/15/2013
Devlin, Shannon 322727R Reinstatement 12/17/2015
Diaz, Steve G 369063C Voluntary Surrender 2/8/2002
Dickerman, Gail J 173270J Suspension 11/30/2004
Dickerman, Gail 173270J Reinstatement 1/2/2005
Dietzen, Cheri Woodruf 346122E Suspension 6/30/2003
Dillon, Sean 395673G Voluntary Surrender 11/14/2008
Dinan, Cynthia 517753J Suspension Dinan, Cynthia- Screen Readable 11/6/2017
Dion, David R 151312F Voluntary Surrender 11/5/2002
Dionne, Raymond 299402H Revocation 11/25/2002
DiSalvatore, Joseph 279468C Denial of Application 9/2005
Disney, Anthony 430001H Permanent Revocation 11/18/2009
Dixon, Lonnie 188979R Suspension Dixon, Lonnie, Suspension - Screen Readable 1/9/2020
Doebele, Sean 423392J Suspension Doebele, Sean, Suspension- Screen Readable 11/24/2014
Dougherty, Michael Sean 401472F Voluntary Surrender 3/3/2004
Downey, Blaine 233824B Permanent Revocation 9/29/2008
Downey, Robert E 233683B Suspension 4/2/2003
Downey, Robert 233683B Reinstatement 10/29/2001
Doyle, David 358390C Suspension 5/23/2005
Doyle, David 358390C Reinstatement 9/19/2007
Driscoll, Ronald 426453G Voluntary Surrender 6/30/2011
Duncan, Jeffrey 349037B Voluntary Surrender 7/8/2005
Duncan, Patricia 349784R Suspension 7/18/2008
Dunkelberger, Amy 339055F Revocation 8/4/2003
Duren, Robert 566498B Voluntary Surrender 3/15/2023
Dwight, Darrel 425918J Permanent Revocation Dwight, Darrel, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 12/12/2016
Dykman, Todd 411880H Permanent Revocation Dykman, Todd, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 5/12/2010


Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Easton, Royages J 201637F Suspension 7/6/2004
Eathorne, John L 185387H Suspension 9/26/2001
Edwards, Bruce 392092C Permanent Revocation 8/28/2008
Edwards, Douglas 284088B Suspension 6/26/2003
Edwards, Douglas 284088B Reinstatement 9/29/2003
Edwards, Lorine 304661B Denial of Application 7/2006
Eeds, Andrea 446118B Suspension Eeds, Andrea, Suspension - Screen Readable 7/22/2021
Egashira, Jane 334231H Voluntary Surrender 6/10/2020
Eggleston, Brian 427455A Voluntary Surrender 12/4/2018
Eilers, Marc D 332313F Suspension 5/11/2004
El Moussi (Johnson), Stacy 417096E Revocation El Moussi (Johnson), Stacy, Revocation - Screen Readable 1/7/2011
Elhardt, Jason R 357719D Voluntary Surrender 4/9/2004
Ellingsworth, Audra 405079E Denial of Application 12/2003
Ellwanger, Wilhelm 224295F Revocation 12/7/2009
Emert, Kim 334618F Suspension Emert, Kim, Suspension - Screen Readable 05/30/12
Emert, Kim 334618F Reinstatement 08/27/12
Erickson, Paul 462182G Permanent Revocation Erickson, Paul, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 9/15/2020
Estes, Eric 418471R Permanent Revocation Estes, Eric, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 7/2/2015
Evans, Christopher 336810G Suspension Evans, Christopher, Suspension - Screen Readable 9/24/2012
Eve, Allan 331450G Voluntary Surrender 4/17/2009


Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Fabre, Theodore 218080J Suspension 9/17/2004
Fabre, Theodore 218080J Reinstatement 8/7/2007
Fairbanks, Taryn 390326G Mandatory Permanent Revocation Fairbanks, Taryn, Mandatory Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 4/14/2011
Faires, Robert J 11100G Suspension 5/17/2001
Fajardo, Joe 414397J Suspension 3/31/2006
Farrimond, Linda Sue 202794D Suspension 3/30/2004
Farris, David 385889A Revocation 7/26/2007
Fein, Terrence A 143016D Suspension 7/20/2001
Ferguson, Michael 324978F Voluntary Surrender 11/11/2006
Figley, Craig 217187D Permanent Revocation Figley, Craig, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 7/23/2010
Figueroa, Juan 413906R Permanent Revocation 12/30/2009
Figueroa, Roberto 411492B Suspension 11/25/2009
Fingarson, Gerald 226659A Revocation 11/10/2003
Fiser, Steven R 319575G Voluntary Surrender 10/9/2000
Fitzgerald, Suzanne J 287124B Revocation 8/23/2001
Floyd, Eric 235441C Voluntary Surrender 7/11/2017
Flynn, John 288510A Suspension Flynn, John, Suspension - Screen Readable 7/29/2014
Fox, David 229767R Suspension 5/3/2002
Fox, Kyle 459353R Voluntary Surrender 9/19/2013
Frazier, Christopher 506357C Permanent Revocation Frazier, Christopher, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 9/2/2015
Freeman, Donald 189884J Voluntary Surrender 7/9/2018
Frei, Troy 322642J Voluntary Surrender 3/14/2002
Freshman, Scott E 322173F Voluntary Surrender 6/15/2001
Fretheim, Paul 259727F Voluntary Surrender 6/2/2000
Friddle, Diane 313830B Suspension Friddle, Diane, Suspension - Screen Readable 3/3/2012
Friddle, Diane 313830B Reinstatement 8/13/2013
Friedley, Arthur 357930G Order of Suspension Friedley, Arthur, Suspension - Screen Readable 04/08/2013
Fripp, Jerry D 348221C Voluntary Surrender 11/16/2000
Frizzell, William J. 359853R Suspension 7/1/2016
Frostad, John Jasper 280058R Revocation Frostad, John, Revocation - Screen Readable 11/30/2012
Fryhover, Kelley 311535R Suspension 6/22/2009
Fryhover, Kelley 311535R Reinstatement 7/25/2011
Fuchs, Jessica 515074C Permanent Revocation Fuchs, Jessica, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 5/13/2016
Fulbright, Keisha 446387C Denial of Application 1/18/2008
Fuller, Susan 209895B Suspension 7/16/2003
Furman, LuAnn   Denial of Application 10/11/2000


Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Gaasland, Gary 456428B Suspension Gaasland, Gary, Suspension - Screen Readable 4/29/2021
Gadbury, George 400836C Denial of Application 3/31/2003
Gage, Robert 550083J Voluntary Surrender 4/7/2020
Galland, Guy 348309F Suspension 6/10/2003
Galland, Guy 348309F Reinstatement 8/1/2003
Galland, Guy 348309F Reinstatement 8/1/2003
Garcia, Daniel 478543B Voluntary Surrender 3/11/2013
Garcia, Daniel 478543B Denial of Application Garcia, Daniel, Denial of Application - Screen Readable 1/19/2014
Garcia, Daniel 478543B Reinstatement 8/6/2015
Garcia, Daniel 478543B Voluntary Surrender 12/14/2015
Garcia, Daniel 478543B Reinstatement 11/15/2019
Garnand, Don 324905R Suspension 3/26/2003
Garnand, Don 324905R Reinstatement 5/26/2003
Garnica, Oscar 323376D Permanent Revocation Garnica, Oscar - Screen Readable 12/12/2017
Garrett, Eric J. 354716C Approved for Certification 6/11/2010
Garrett, Eric J. 354716C Denial 12/11/2009
Garza, Alex 419541H SuspensionGarza, Alex, Suspension - Screen Readable 8/24/2010
Gibson, Linda J 174587F Voluntary Surrender 5/10/2000
Giles, James 196832J Voluntary Surrender 6/21/2006
Gobbato, Gregory 400080H Suspension 11/20/2003
Gobbato, Gregory 400080H Reinstatement 12/31/2003
Godbolt, Eli 443843H Permanent Revocation Godbolt, Eli, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 6/13/2013
Godfrey, Anna 340751G Suspension Godfrey, Anna, Suspension - Screen Readable 12/17/2012
Godfrey, Dean 322927E Suspension Godfrey, Dean, Suspension - Screen Readable 7/10/2015
Godfrey, Dean 322927E Reinstatement 8/11/2015
Goings, Brad 386231E Permanent Revocation 6/26/2009
Golden, Michael 397274B Voluntary Surrender 8/4/2023
Gomez, Greg 451169G Denial of Application 1/21/2008
Goodman, Marvin 460256A Voluntary Surrender 11/13/2017
Gordon, Douglas 177205B Revocation 9/24/2001
Gort, Cheryl 341290E Suspension 5/18/2006
Graf, Jeff 255058J Suspension 6/19/2002
Graf, Jeff 255058J Reinstatement 5/31/2004
Granholm, Donna 155163R Suspension 8/13/2009
Grant, Christopher 410450A Voluntary Surrender 1/22/2009
Grant, George 117505H Voluntary Surrender 5/16/2014
Grant, Rodney 339847F Suspension 3/19/2007
Gray, Denise T100021 Denial of Application Gray, Denise, Denial of Application - Screen Readable 2/18/2011
Green, Jason T 408653D Revocation 5/25/2006
Greene, Dennis E 222668F Voluntary Surrender 4/4/2000
Greene, Jacob 446518C Revocation Greene, Jacob, Revocation - Screen Readable 4/17/2012
Greene, Steven 428698E Suspension 5/20/2008
Greer, Nicole 490944F Voluntary Surrender 11/4/2015
Gregory, Robert 246620R Suspension 1/20/2003
Gregory, Robert 246620R Reinstatement 3/3/2003
Grellet-Tinner, Gerald 517153C Revocation Grellet-Tinner, Gerald - Screen Readable 12/21/2018
Grenning, Neil 397262G Revocation 3/24/2004
Griffin, Barbara 355622B Revocation 12/19/2008
Grimm, Robert 428277H Revocation 5/6/2009
Gromus, Alan 287215H Revocation Gromus, Alan, Revocation - Screen Readable 12/31/2010
Gross, Douglas 187930C Voluntary Surrender 7/2/2009
Gross, Jeffrey 522080A Revocation Gross, Jeffrey, Revocation - Screen Readable 8/29/2017
Gross, Randy 247657J Suspension 6/26/2003
Grossman, Douglas 475774F Revocation Grossman, Douglas, Revocation - Screen Readable 9/14/2011
Grubich, Nick J 278019E Suspension 10/31/2006
Gruntzel, Mark 478526G Voluntary Surrender 10/28/2015
Guier, Ronald 546309F Permanent Revocation Guier, Ronald, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 7/23/2019
Gulsrud, Peter 216108A Revocation 11/23/2005
Gundlach, Michael 291775E Denial of Application 12/15/2003
Gurley, Lynn N 137118F Voluntary Surrender 7/1/2001
Gurr, Richard 227800J Agreed Order of Suspension Gurr, Richard, Agreed Order of Suspension - Screen Readable 5/17/2013
Guske, Jack 234416F Suspension Guske, Jack, Suspension - Screen Readable 6/10/2011
Guske, Jack 234416F Reinstatement 6/5/2014
Gustafson, Steven L 188670D Voluntary Surrender 10/21/2009
Guzman, Esfeidy 544158R Voluntary Surrender 4/15/2022
Gwaltney, Mark 238794B Suspension 11/15/2004
Gwaltney, Mark 238794B Reinstatement 1/30/2005


Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Hadaller, Kurt J 330782D Voluntary Surrender 9/13/2004
Hadlock, Jonathan 359100E Suspension Hadlock, Jonathan - Screen Readable 3/7/2018
Hahner, Nathaniel 413685R Suspension Hahner, Nathaniel - Screen Readable 2/14/2014
Hall, Alan C 205987A Suspension 2/20/2001
Hall, Alan C 205987A Reinstatement 11/30/2016
Hall, Hayward 195853G Denial of Application 3/22/2001
Hamby, Taylor 510234H Suspension Hamby, Taylor, Suspension - Screen Readable 4/5/2019
Hancock, Alexander 506966A Voluntary Surrender 8/23/2019
Hanna, Jerome 237041R Suspension 1/14/2003
Hanna, Jerome 237041R Reinstatement 5/26/2003
Hansen, Daniel R. 486939B Voluntary Surrender 1/6/2016
Hansen, Nicholas 412810D Voluntary Surrender 3/14/2011
Hanson, Johnni 376765D Revocation 3/11/2003
Hanton, Nelson 262417R Revocation 5/4/2006
Haptonstall, Mike 175994C Suspension 11/16/2001
Harding, Amanda 331907F Voluntary Surrender 6/19/2018
Harleman, Allen 367932A Suspension 10/29/2003
Harless, Ryan 471293A Permanent Revocation Harless, Ryan, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 2/28/2022
Harley, Bryan 382206A Revocation Harley, Bryan - Screen Readable 2/16/2010
Harmening, Thomas 228269G Suspension 8/6/2001
Harmening, Thomas 228269G Reinstatement 11/26/2003
Harmia, Julie Marie 340753C Suspension 6/22/2005
Harmia, Julie 340753C Reinstatement 1/29/2007
Harris Jr., Dewitt 375317E Suspension Harris Jr., Dewitt - Screen Readable 7/2/2014
Harris, James J 395047D Revocation 6/14/2004
Hartman Jr., Glenn 364382B Denial of Application 4/22/1998
Hartman Jr., Glenn 364382B Denial of Application 10/18/2001
Hassman, Andrew 372496J Denial of Application 6/17/2002
Haupert, Kenni 152855C Voluntary Surrender 8/9/2007
Hay, Christopher 201562F Suspension 8/9/2004
Hay, Christopher 201562F Reinstatement 10/27/2004
Hayashi, David 253553B Voluntary Surrender 3/21/2002
Heath, Gary 220889J Suspension 2/24/2003
Hebner, Nicole 433297R Voluntary Surrender 2/9/2018
Hecker, Tricia 299709F Suspension Hecker, Tricia, Suspension - Screen Readable 9/8/2010
Hecker, Tricia 299709F Reinstatement 3/20/2013
Hecker, Tricia 299709F Suspension Hecker, Tricia, Suspension - Screen Readable 1/13/2015
Hecker, Tricia 299709F Reinstatement 5/20/2021
Heizer, Vern 341261F Permanent Revocation 7/10/2008
Helland-Kappenman, Kristy 291203H Permanent Revocation 12/4/2008
Hellwig, Gary 176454G Suspension 6/9/2004
Hendrix, Ireland 562572H Permanent Revocation Hendrix, Ireland Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 4/2/2021
Heneghen-Craig, Michelle 357280G Suspension 6/15/2009
Heneghen-Craig, Michelle 357280G Reinstatement 6/18/2012
Henry, Michael 368520C Voluntary Surrender 7/15/2019
Herpst, David R 290256G Voluntary Surrender 1/25/2006
Hess, Renee 248797C Suspension 11/15/2004
Hicks, Doug 268935D Suspension Hicks, Doug, Suspension - Screen Readable 4/4/2019
Hilburn, Jeff 390335H Revocation 6/23/2008
Hilburn, Jeff 390335H Denial Hilburn, Jeff, Denial - Screen Readable 5/24/2011
Hilburn, Jeff 390335H Denial Hillburn, Jeff, Denial - Screen Readable 7/18/2013
Hilburn, Jeff 390335H Denial Hilburn, Jeff, Denial - Screen Readable 10/6/2020
Hill, Gary 449404C Suspension Hill, Gary - Screen Readable 12/4/2015
Hill, Gary 449404C Reinstatement 1/4/2016
Hill, Laurence 200671F Permanent Revocation 12/22/2005
Hillend-Jones, Julie 362236B Voluntary Surrender 4/13/2021
Hillman, Diane  307915R  Permanent Revocation  6/29/2008 
Hilsen, Timothy J 287011A Suspension 9/7/2001
Hilsen, Timothy J 287011A Reinstatement 9/13/2002
Hinding, Susan 405438C Denial of Application 7/26/2002
Hirschfelder, Matthew 342798F Voluntary Surrender 7/7/2011
Hobbs, John Sidney 341152G Suspension 1/13/2003
Hobus, Hugh H 272830A Voluntary Surrender 1/31/2001
Hoffman, Stuart 543270C Permanent Revocation Hoffman, Stuart, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 8/31/2022
Hoffpauir, David 259558E Suspension 10/31/2001
Hogan, William 204082B Voluntary Surrender 8/9/2004
Hoglen 506775F Voluntary Surrender 9/29/2023
Hoiness, Ronald 168804C Voluntary Surrender 11/20/2009
Hoiness, Todd 410157B Revocation 9/29/2007
Holden, Damon 389502F Voluntary Surrender 2/5/2015
Hollcraft, Thomas 397722J Suspension 4/12/2002
Hollcraft, Thomas James 397722J Denial of Application Hollcraft, Thomas James - Screen Readable 12/14/2010
Hollod, Scott D 336830E Suspension 12/1/2003
Hollod, Scott D 336830E Reinstatement 6/4/2009
Hollstein, Kurt 222230E Voluntary Surrender 7/15/2022
Holt, David 296361R Suspension 6/10/2009
Honeycut, Jeffrey 232821R Suspension Honeycut, Jeffrey - Screen Readable 10/19/2015
Horton, Dexter 303505B Voluntary Surrender 9/11/2023
Houk, Michael 249447D Revocation 12/17/2007
Howard, Cynthia K 226449G Suspension 11/5/2001
Howard, Cynthia K 226449G Reinstatement 9/20/2001
Howard, Ngoma 386572B Suspension Howard, Ngoma, Suspension - Screen Readable 6/21/2022
Howard, Ngoma 386572B Reinstatement 8/4/2022
Howard, Robert 311400F Suspension 12/21/2007
Huber-Mayotte, Gregory 473479D Revocation Huber-Mayotte, Gregory - Screen Readable 3/7/2013
Huckaba, Catherine 434213E Denial of Application 1/25/2006
Huckabee, Sr., Rodger 306473J Revocation 12/20/2002
Huckabee, Sr., Rodger 306473J Denial 1/4/2007
Hudkins, Robert 389113B Voluntary Surrender 4/24/2017
Hudson, Forrest 199301C Suspension 6/29/2003
Huether, Joseph 212031R Suspension 5/6/2009
Hughes, Lamar 159836F Suspension 4/19/2006
Hugill, Robert 303975G Suspension 12/23/2003
Hulse, Alicia Yvonne 358208G Voluntary Surrender 2/6/2014
Hunter, Darren 358209E Voluntary Surrender 4/28/2023
Huntley, Kenneth 512282E Suspension Huntley, Kenneth, Suspension - Screen Readable 7/21/2022
Huntoon, Bruce 199863B Revocation 4/10/2001


Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Ip, Alane 322353D Voluntary Surrender 8/27/2003
Ironhill, Avery 486410D Suspension Ironhill, Avery - Screen Readable 12/21/2018
Ison, Jerry L 325301J Suspension 4/17/2001
Ivory, James 218717G Suspension 3/27/2006


Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Jackson, Elizabeth 436591B Voluntary Surrender 9/8/2014
Jackson, Grover 405435R Denial of Application 8/19/2001
Jaderlund, Lance 370925J Denial of Application Jaderlund, Lance, Screen Readable 7/24/2012
Jaderlund, Lance 370925J Voluntary Surrender 1/20/2010
James (Moore), Amanda 448580A Voluntary Surrender 06/01/2011
James, Samantha 369333J Suspension James, Samantha, Screen Readable 8/2/2011
Jarvis, Karen 232471C Revocation Jarvis, Karen, Revocation - Screen Readable 11/25/2013
Jeffries, William 380594B Suspension 9/26/2006
Jeffries, William 380594B Reinstatement 1/29/2007
Jensen, Joseph M. 465694H Permanent Revocation Jensen, Joseph, Screen Readable 8/10/2011
Jensen, Robert 235952R Permanent Revocation 6/2/2008
Johnson, Brian 298054H Voluntary Surrender 4/23/2007
Johnson, Dennis 427379C Suspension Johnson, Dennis, Suspension - Screen Readable 3/16/2020
Johnson, Donald 402377F Voluntary Surrender 11/20/2008
Johnson, Hayden 305270A Voluntary Surrender 12/27/2005
Johnson, Jaime 498913C Suspension Johnson, Jaime, Screen Readable 7/16/2014
Johnson, James 406969F Voluntary Surrender 3/4/2021
Johnson, Julie 242419J Suspension Johnson, Julie, Suspension- Screen Readable 6/13/2017
Johnson, Lawanda 226930F Revocation Johnson, Lawanda, Screen Readable 9/9/2016
Johnson, Tony 242585H Revocation 6/7/2004
Johnson, Sean S. 327681C Permanent Revocation Johnson, Sean, Screen Readable 1/23/2012
Johnson, Steven 320473B Voluntary Surrender 10/9/2012
Jones, David 242541A Denial of Application 3/7/2002
Jones, Denise L 312780J Revocation 1/10/2001
Jones, Jill 446342H Denial of Application 7/22/2007
Jones, Jon 252194F Suspension Jones, Jon, Suspension - Screen Readable 9/7/17
Jones, Matthew 456661H Permanent Revocation Jones, Matthew, Screen Readable 3/7/2012
Jones, Michael 301464D Voluntary Surrender 10/13/2021
Jones, Nicole 417754R Suspension Jones, Nicole - Screen Readable 8/14/2018
Jones, Robert 368117H Revocation 4/20/2007
Jones, Ronald 202514F Voluntary Surrender 8/28/2020
Jones, Tom 435417A Voluntary Surrender 3/10/2020
Jordan, Erin Lee 417115C Revocation Jordan, Erin, Screen Readable 5/25/2016
Jordan, Rodger 187413J Voluntary Surrender 9/2/2003
Jordan, Wilson 355076A Suspension 4/25/2001
Jordan, Wilson 355076A Reinstatement 4/11/2016
Judy, Corrin 435637D Voluntary Surrender 9/24/2012
Juneman, Walter S 242778R Revocation 2/22/2001
Jungbloom, Charles 130004E Voluntary Surrender 7/22/1994


Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Kafflen, Brandon 394403J Revocation 11/5/2007
Kagan, Brian 356037B Suspension Kagan, Brian, Screen Readable 9/8/2010
Kagan, Brian 356037B Reinstatement 9/8/2011
Kaiser, Sherral 256332H Suspension Kaiser, Sherral, Screen Readable 05/30/12
Kaiser, Sherral 256332H Reinstatement 07/16/14
Kallestad, Jon 421587G Voluntary Surrender 5/19/2014
Kanany, Robert 284396R Voluntary Surrender 5/27/2020
Kasner, Kurtis 376634B Permanent Revocation Kasner, Kurtis, Screen Readable 7/30/2015
Katke, Christopher 397949R Revocation Katke, Christopher, Screen Readable 7/2/2015
Kaufman, Stephan 393035A Revocation 8/23/2004
Keene, Tracy 274975B Denial of Application 7/24/2006
Keith, Claire 188417J Suspension Keith, Claire, Screen Readable 1/7/2011
Keith, Claire 188417J Reinstatement 7/24/2015
Keith, Darrell 527236D Suspension Keith, Darrell, Suspension - Screen Readable 9/29/2020
Kellis, Timothy 385684F Permanent Revocation 7/6/2009
Kelly, Hugh 399166H Voluntary Surrender 7/24/2019
Kelly, Hugh 399166H Reinstatement 11/27/2019
Kemper, Christopher 286693G Voluntary Surrender 3/17/2003
Kendall, Russell 303643A Suspension 9/19/2005
Kendall, Russell 303643A Reinstatement 1/18/2006
Kennedy, Colleen 282209F Suspension 5/9/2005
Kennedy, Colleen 282209F Reinstatement 9/13/2005
Kennedy, Jennifer 385720H Suspension Kennedy, Jennifer, Screen Readable 2/12/2017
Kenny, John F 414177F Suspension 3/22/2005
Kenny, John F 414177F Reinstatement 7/23/2005
Kenworthy, Kevin 417437A Voluntary Surrender 12/22/2005
Kerslake, Reese 370934B Voluntary Surrender 2/27/2020
Keshishian, Jehnna 526313B Voluntary Surrender 1/16/2018
Kessberger, Ellen 300513R Suspension 7/29/2009
Kessler, Miles R 208317H Voluntary Surrender 7/25/2002
Ketterling, Thomas 355335A Denial of Application 5/9/2001
Keylin, Benjamin 221785R Revocation 3/2/2009
Kilmer, Janet 393261C Revocation 12/1/2008
King, Dustin 457551J Permanent Revocation King, Dustin, Screen Readable 2/22/2010
King, Virginia 166012E Suspension 11/29/2004
Kinney, Laurel A 360215H Suspension 6/15/2004
Kinney, Laurel 360215H Reinstatement 1/4/2007
Kitchen, Tim 369175E Suspension 7/11/2003
Kitchen, Tim 369175E Reinstatement 10/4/2003
Klarich, Jon C 314903F Voluntary Surrender 7/12/2004
Klaus, John 412248G Voluntary Surrender 6/5/2014
Knight, Justin 446539R Suspension 1/29/2008
Knight, Justin 446539R Reinstatement 6/16/2008
Knipschild, Erich 380749B Voluntary Surrender 9/12/2006
Knowles, Timothy 305656A Voluntary Surrender 12/4/2018
Knox, Elgin 405436G Denial of Application 5/8/2002
Knudsen, William 132182G Revocation 7/26/2007
Knutson, Loren F 186598R Voluntary Surrender 4/6/2004
Koehler, Andrew 233457A Voluntary Surrender 12/18/2003
Kratzig, Jeb 409416E Suspension Kratzig, Jeb, Screen Readable 10/25/2010
Kratzig, Jeb 409416E Reinstatement 06/07/2013
Kriss, Jeremy 499794F Suspension Kriss, Jeremy - Screen Readable 12/5/2022
Kromholtz, Benjamin 402248R Order of Suspension Kromholtz, Benjamin, Screen Readable 04/12/2013
Krusniak, Marty 491156F Voluntary Surrender 11/22/2019
Kuzas, Keith 507235J Suspension Kuzas, Keith, Suspension - Screen Readable 8/23/2023
Kyllo, Jennifer 230899G Voluntary Surrender 5/30/2019


Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Labadie, Dion 378624A Permanent Revocation 8/26/2008
Lacey, Alexander 567552E Suspension Lacey, Alexander, Suspension - Screen Readable 6/23/2023
Lacey, Alexander 567552E Reinstatement 9/25/2023
Lacey, Susan 280113B Revocation 9/28/2000
Laine, Kymberly 398758C Voluntary Surrender 5/19/2009
Lang, Darrell 217660J Revocation Lang, Darrell, Revocation - Screen Readable 6/18/2013
Lansing, Nathan 337195B Suspension 2/4/2006
Lansing, Nathan 337195B Reinstatement 12/12/2019
Lantz, David B. 169359G Voluntary Surrender 5/16/2014
LaRiviere, Robert 260381R Suspension 9/24/2008
Larson, Cynthia S 229246D Suspension 6/20/2005
Larson, Cynthia S 229246D Reinstatement 6/6/2006
Larson, Cynthia S 229246D Suspension 6/5/2002
Larson, Erik 354473A Revocation 3/22/2007
Larson, Glenn 354619R Revocation Larson, Glenn - Screen Readable 5/18/2011
Larson, Thomas 245087B Voluntary Surrender 6/3/2010
Latincsics, Ervin 339992J Suspension 12/1/2003
Latincsics, Ervin 339992J Reinstatement 4/30/2002
Layton, Charles 277019F Voluntary Surrender 3/16/2004
Lazore, Kira 465737E Voluntary Surrender 8/10/2017
Leavitt, Michael 535348G Permanent Revocation Leavitt, Michael, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 8/19/2019
Lee, Bona 473854H Voluntary Surrender 5/11/2017
Lee, Brooke 416078D Suspension Lee, Brooke, Suspension - Screen Readable 6/26/2015
Lee, Chad 409267B Revocation Lee, Chad - Screen Readable 1/18/2017
Leede, John C 201013J Voluntary Surrender 8/3/2000
Lemery, Susan 293145R Voluntary Surrender 7/8/2002
Lemke (Bright Brookhart), Sondra 376587B Suspension 11/04/2009
Lemke (Bright Brookhart), Sondra 376587B Reinstatement 4/25/2011
Len, Jason 364652H Suspension Len, Jason, Suspension - Screen Readable 1/7/2013
Leschinski, Susan 234869F Suspension 4/26/2001
Leschinski, Susan 234869F Reinstatement 10/10/2001
Leverenz, Christine 255774B Voluntary Surrender 3/16/2021
Levy, Erik William 376019F Voluntary Surrender 3/13/2006
Lewis, Emily Kenyon 412959R Revocation Lewis, Emily Kenyon - Screen Readable 7/10/2012
Lewis, Richard P 177364G Voluntary Surrender 12/7/2000
Lichter, Paul 206983R Suspension 12/4/2006
Lindquist, Kristine 533951J Voluntary Surrender 7/5/2023
Lisewych, Greg 417769G Suspension isewych, Greg - Screen Readable 6/11/2018
Lizarraga, Omar 380113A Revocation Lizarraga, Omar - Screen Readable 2/16/2010
Lloyd, Nicole 439750A Revocation Lloyd, Nicole, Suspension - Screen Readable 11/25/2013
Lobbestael, John 467398D Suspension Lobbestael, John, Suspension - Screen Readable 6/27/2017
Lobbestael, John 467398D Reinstatement 8/1/2017
Locke Jr., Fred E 212926J Suspension Locke Jr., Fred E- Screen Readable 3/16/2011
Loewe, Eldon R 144164A Voluntary Surrender 8/9/2002
Loftus, Christopher 223767E Revocation 8/19/2002
Long, Michael C 333553F Suspension 11/15/2004
Long, Michael C 333553F Reinstatement 3/16/2005
Long, Nyika 359228D Revocation 11/15/2007
Long, Nyika 359228D Reinstatement 2/24/2009
Long, Nyika 359228D Suspension Long, Nyika - Screen Readable 4/28/2014
Long, Nyika 359228D Reinstatement 4/27/2017
Lord, Gary 188979R Suspension Lord, Gary, Suspension - Screen Readable 1/9/2020
Lowery, Kenneth R 286126H Voluntary Surrender 2/1/2000
Lozano, Linda G 227012B Suspension 4/15/2005
Lucas, Paul 325975A Suspension 7/21/2004
Lucas, Paul 325975A Reinstatement 12/13/2006
Ludwikoski, Robert 491618E Agreed Suspension Ludwikoski, Robert - Screen Readable 5/25/2016
Lugliani, Mark 457554D Permanent Revocation, Lugliani, Mark, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 5/7/2019
Lum Lung, Daniel 394285A Voluntary Surrender 11/1/2013
Lundgaard, Bryan 250963F Suspension 3/22/2000
Lundgaard, Bryan 250963F Reinstatement 11/3/2005
Lundgaard, Bryan 250963F Suspension Lundgaard, Bryan - Screen Readable 10/12/2016
Lyman, Samson 413639F Suspension 7/1/2008
Lyman, Samson 413639F Reinstatement 12/10/2009
Lynch, Brian 295171C Suspension 4/21/2003
Lynch, Brian 295171C Reinstatement 7/14/2003
Lyons, Patrick M 236643C Voluntary Surrender 4/6/2004


Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Maass, Michelle 392785B Voluntary Surrender 3/28/2011
Machutchin, Gavin 290051B Voluntary Surrender 8/10/2006
Macintosh, Robert T 345200J Revocation 5/25/2006
Magnuson, Steven E 353269D Suspension 3/29/2001
Mahar, Bernadine 289709H Revocation 5/20/2008
Mahar, Bernadine 289709H Reinstatement 3/21/2013
Maib, Kevin Dailey 201674R Revocation 12/12/2005
Maiden, Robert 199842F Voluntary Surrender 9/16/2003
Mainger, Roy 184622R Revocation Mainger, Roy - Screen Readable 9/2/2012
Mairs, Angus 502601H Voluntary Surrender 6/30/2017
Maks, Emily 398090A Suspension 3/23/2009
Malm, Anthony T 278771A Revocation 12/1/2004
Malone, Jeanell 224166R Revocation 6/22/2004
Maloney, Deborah 281095J Suspension 10/26/2005
Mansfield, Steve 205864B Voluntary Surrender 10/5/2005
Marsh, William 429641D Permanent Revocation Marsh, William Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 3/8/2022
Martin, Allen 270519B Suspension Martin, Allen - Screen Readable 6/6/2014
Martin, Glenn 244788F Voluntary Surrender 10/31/2012
Martin, Glenn 244788F Reinstatement 4/25/2018
Matisons, Tricia 315292C Suspension 4/28/2008
Matisons, Tricia 315292C Reinstatement 8/28/2008
Mauermann, Tyson 437289B Agreed Order of Suspension Mauermann, Tyson - Screen Readable 7/9/2013
Maughan, Chad 390553F Suspension 8/6/2003
Maughan, Chad 390553F Reinstatement 8/22/2003
Maughan, Chad 390553F Permanent Revocation 11/14/2005
Maxwell, Jordan 473434R Suspension Maxwell, Jordan, Suspension - Screen Readable 6/9/2017
Maxwell, Jordan 473434R Reinstatement 3/15/2018
Mayberry, Amanda 479314G Voluntary Surrender 02/25/2013
Mazzaferro, Richard 354695R Permanent Revocation 10/23/2006
McClung, Craig 326891R Suspension 8/21/2006
McComb, Jason 434976G Voluntary Surrender 4/2/2021
McCool, Andrew 354485E Suspension McCool, Andrew - Screen Readable 7/23/2014
McCool, Andrew 354485E Reinstatement 06/25/2015
McCoy, Colleen 204638A Suspension 1/21/2008
McCracken, Sasha 427895H Suspension McCracken, Sasha - Screen Readable 11/16/2015
McCrea, Stephanie 437413H Permanent Revocation McCrea, Stephanie - Screen Readable 12/9/2015
McCreary, Jody 376986F Revocation McCreary, Jody, Revocation - Screen Readable 12/31/2010
McDonald, Alan 195676B Revocation 4/8/1992
McDonald, James R 285041J Voluntary Surrender 11/21/1995
McDonald, John M 278241E Permanent Revocation 12/2/2006
McDonald, John S 258653E Suspension 4/28/1997
McDonald, John S 258653E Reinstatement 10/1/2001
McElliott, Robert 296757H Suspension McElliott, Robert - Screen Readable 8/26/2020
McElliott, Robert 296757H Reinstatement 2/24/2021
McGaha, Bradley 353430B Permanent Revocation McGaha, Bradley - Screen Readable 5/25/2010
McGee, Phil 277400H Revocation 1/8/2007
McGill, Kelly L 358229C Voluntary Surrender 4/3/2001
McGivern, Kevin 398213R Denial of Application 1/25/2002
McKay, Christopher 447184C Revocation McKay, Christopher - Screen Readable 8/30/2016
McKinney, Christopher 392077D Voluntary Surrender 12/17/2007
McKinney, Jacob 532942J Suspension McKinney, Jacob - Screen Readable 3/7/2018
McLarney, Richard 198096J Suspension McLarney, Richard, Suspension - Screen Readable 10/30/2013
McLean, Steven 225968G Suspension McLean, Steven - Screen Readable 8/13/2012
McLean, Steven 225968G Reinstatement 5/10/2012
McMillan, Stephanie 417129D Suspension McMillan, Stephanie, Suspension - Screen Readable 9/22/2020
McMillan, Stephanie 417129D Reinstatement 5/24/2023
McMillen, David 299998E Permanent Revocation McMillen, David - Screen Readable 8/10/2015
Meade, John D 194903A Suspension 9/26/2001
Medley, Andrew 354847F Suspension, Medley, Andrew, Suspension - Screen Readable 8/26/2021
Meidinger, Brian J 186280D Voluntary Surrender 10/24/2003
Mele, John None Assigned Denial Mele, John, Denial - Screen Readable 12/22/2010
Michael, Roger 125902G Permanent Revocation 1/20/2008
Michaud, Jay 411310F Voluntary Surrender 1/18/2017
Miles, William 324954G Voluntary Surrender 10/10/2013
Miller, George M 238661C Revocation 4/27/2000
Miller, Gerald Glenn 356054G Suspension Miller, Gerald - Screen Readable 1/29/2013
Miller, Herbert 259743C Voluntary Surrender 3/21/2012
Milleson, Elizabeth 463646J Voluntary Surrender 10/14/16
Milliman, Scott 456409B Permanent Revocation 9/18/2009
Mills, Sean 333956A Suspension Mills, Sean- Screen Readable 1/4/2012
Milton, Matthew 435808A Suspension, Milton, Matthew, Suspension - Screen Readable 3/25/2019
Milton, Matthew 435808A Reinstatement 7/30/2019
Miranda, Xavier M 323967J Suspension 2/10/2004
Mittring, Christian 541414R Voluntary Surrender 4/5/2019
Mixon, Franklin   Denial of Application 8/8/2001
Mobley, James 323510H Permanent Revocation Mobley, James - Screen Readable 3/19/2014
Moffit, Roy 380539G Revocation 12/16/2003
Moffit, Roy 380539G Reinstatement 6/9/2005
Mogk, Martin 412461F Voluntary Surrender 3/9/2010
Montes Jr, Joe 442962G Voluntary Surrender 2/23/2011
Moody, Thomas M 199537B Voluntary Surrender 2/2/2006
Moore, Doug 266747E Revocation 2/24/2003
Moore, Kyle 342988C Suspension Moore, Kyle - Screen Readable 10/15/2018
Moore (Tedford), Patricia 321196H Revocation 9/23/2009
Moore, Peter F 345353G Voluntary Surrender 5/6/2004
Morasch, Matthew 426790B Voluntary Surrender 9/4/2020
Morehead, Devon 403485F Suspension Morehead, Devon - Screen Readable 02/02/2010
Morehead, Devon 403485F Reinstatement 12/8/2010
Morelli, Carmela 340696D Suspension Morelli, Carmela, Suspension - Screen Readable 12/31/2010
Morelli, Carmela 340696D Reinstatement 3/2/2011
Moreno, Alyssa 531975A Voluntary Surrender 3/10/2020
Morgan, Harvey 187072D Voluntary Surrender 8/2/2005
Morris, Chad 423108J Revocation Morris, Chad - Screen Readable 10/9/2013
Morrison, Barbara 222688D Voluntary Surrender 8/15/2008
Morrow, Brian 338543B Suspension Morrow, Brian - Screen Readable 5/12/2010
Morrow, Brian 338543B Reinstatement 10/14/2013
Morrow, Kevin 268583B Suspension 12/19/2008
Morrow, Kevin 268583B Reinstatement 4/9/2015
Morrow, Robert 446226C Agreed Suspension Morrow, Robert - Screen Readable 5/13/2016
Moser, John A 215076A Suspension 10/18/2005
Moser, John 215076A Reinstatement 11/15/2005
Moulton, Michael 312089F Suspension Moulton, Michael - Screen Readable 6/3/2011
Mueller, Robert 331690H Voluntary Surrender 04/15/2015
Mulkins, David 369146F Voluntary Surrender 05/31/12
Murk, Ryan L 379536F Voluntary Surrender 2/20/2004
Murphy, Charles 415359R Revocation 1/8/2007
Murphy, Erica 401322C Suspension Murphy, Erica - Screen Readable 1/13/2015
Murphy, Ryan M 359635J Voluntary Surrender 11/20/2013
Myers, Jason 466451R Voluntary Surrender 2/5/2015


Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Nash, Ronnie 304250D Permanent Revocation 5/7/2007
Neal, Elizabeth 418381J Suspension Neal, Elizabeth - Screen Readable 1/7/2011
Needham, Erin 362371G Voluntary Surrender 2/25/2002
Nelson, Erick 417294F Voluntary Surrender 9/11/2008
Nelson, Mike 232693B Suspension 8/18/2003
Nelson, Mike 232693B Reinstatement 8/23/2002
Nemeth, Peter 302100C Revocation Nemeth, Peter - Screen Readable 11/3/2016
Newcombe, Christopher 513157H Permanent Revocation Newcombe, Christopher, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 10/1/2021
Newhouse, Mariah 515585H Suspension Newhouse, Mariah, Suspension - Screen Readable 1/6/2022
Newman, Michael 457767B Suspension Newman, Michael, Suspension - Screen Readable 9/11/2023
Newstead, Peter 385811E Denial of Certification Newstead, Peter, Denial of Certification - Screen Readable 6/2/2022
Ngy, Christin 400238B Voluntary Surrender 5/22/2015
Nielsen, Keith  309265G  Suspension  4/29/2008 
Nielsen, Keith  309265G Reinstatement 12/2/2010
Nollette, Paul B 402384B Voluntary Surrender 10/4/2004
Northrup, Teresa   Denial of Application 3/23/2001
Norton, Clark 457521C Suspension Norton, Clark, Suspension - Screen Readable 6/30/2023
Norwood, Lindsay 405300E Voluntary Surrender 5/17/2016
Nunnery, Alicia 370429C Denial of Certification 6/22/2005


Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
O’Brien, Corry 281102D Suspension 9/11/2006
O’Hayre, Corey 497976A Voluntary Surrender 2/26/2019
O’Keefe, Timothy 405439A Denial of Application 4/12/2002
O'Reilly, Seamus 445533C Suspension O'Reilly, Seamus, Suspension - Screen Readable 7/7/2021
Officer, Brandon 538804F Voluntary Surrender 10/23/2020
Olmsted, Alden B 211379C Voluntary Surrender 11/17/2004
Ostrer, David 331023B Agreed Order of SuspensionOstrer, David - Screen Readable 5/17/2013
Ott, Jr., Randy 446633J Voluntary Surrender 3/18/2019
Otteson, Ralph (Rick) W. 241626A Surrender 7/16/2014
Overman-Swift, Kathleen  234486R  Reinstatement  9/17/2009 
Overman-Swift, Kathleen  234486R  Suspension  2/14/2008 
Owen, Mark 293474C SuspensionOwen, Mark - Screen Readable 6/18/2013
Owen, Mark 293474C Reinstatement 8/23/2013
Oxenhandler, Wendy 404221D Voluntary Surrender 7/29/2008


Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Pack, Kimber Lee 445279C Suspension Pack, Kimber - Screen Readable 09/22/2015
Pairadee, Donna   Denial Pairadee, Donna, Denial - Screen Readable 10/15/2013
Paker, Aaron 369149J Suspension 1/5/2006
Paker, Aaron 369149J Reinstatement 5/4/2006
Panter, James 455183D Suspension Panter, James - Screen Readable 12/18/2012
Parker, Natalie 314344C Voluntary Surrender 9/6/2002
Partee, Rodney 102976H Voluntary Surrender 7/10/2002
Parvey, Lisa Marie 368280D Suspension Parvey, Lisa Marie - Screen Readable 7/6/2011
Parvey, Lisa Marie 368280D Reinstatement 12/1/2011
Patterson, Mark 240589B Suspension 1/28/2002
Pauls, Clarence 256711C Revocation 9/18/2007
Paulsen, Timothy 309422D Suspension 3/9/2009
Paz-Flores, Ramon 373114H Suspension 11/22/2006
Paz-Flores, Ramon 373114H Reinstatement 11/19/2007
Pearson, Jennifer 443497C Denial of Application 5/25/2006
Pebles, Lynn 247894R Suspension 1/20/2003
Pebles, Lynn 247894R Reinstatement 7/1/2003
Pedersen, Matthew D 419340E Suspension Pedersen, Matthew - Screen Readable 4/30/2012
Pederson, Richard 056243R Voluntary Surrender 6/23/2005
Peer, Lynn L 353352H Revocation 2/8/2005
Peppard, Matthew 326268J Permanent Revocation 9/20/1995
Perez, Wesley 487101H Permanent Revocation Perez, Wesley - Screen Readable 1/28/2020
Perry, Richard 133896A Voluntary Surrender 8/27/2020
Peterson, Dennis 198980E Revocation 5/3/2002
Peterson, Gary D 250200C Suspension 12/13/2004
Peterson, Jamey 423461C Suspension Peterson, Jamey - Screen Readable 7/16/2014
Peterson, Larry 255097H Suspension 3/19/2009
Petkovits, Martin 334458G Voluntary Surrender 7/8/2002
Pforr, Michelle 423456C Suspension 11/14/2005
Phillips, Fontaine 415790E Voluntary Surrender 1/7/2019
Phillips, Wesley 414364J Voluntary Surrender 4/17/2012
Pickerel, William 106859B Permanent Revocation 10/13/2008
Pietz, Jeffrey 359643D Agreed Order of Suspension Pietz, Jeffrey, Agreed Order of Suspension - Screen Readable 9/5/2023
Piturachsatit, Nathan 390156H Permanent Revocation Piturachsatit, Nathan, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 10/18/2017
Pierson, Larry 192701A Revocation 10/16/2003
Pietsch, Debbie 447650C Suspension Pietsch, Debbie - Screen Readable 7/10/2012
Pietsch, Debbie 447650C Reinstatement 8/13/2012
Plankey, Susan 298111F Suspension Plankey, Susan, Suspension - Screen Readable 12/2/2021
Plankey, Susan 298111F Reinstatement 1/3/2022
Point, Flavian 381267D Denial of Application 4/24/2000
Pollard, Jamie 436627D Suspension Pollard, Jamie - Screen Readable 6/29/2020
Pope, Garrett 557208F Voluntary Surrender 4/10/2023
Poppe, Jeffrey 258990A Suspension Poppe, Jeffrey - Screen Readable 11/24/2010
Poppe, Jeffrey 258990A Reinstatement 6/28/2011
Porto, Anthony 467260F Voluntary Surrender 6/28/2021
Powell, Bonnie 128118G Suspension 12/10/2003
Powell, Meredith C. 489643G Mandatory Permanent Revocation Powell, Meredith - Screen Readable 11/12/2014
Pratt, James 209190H Voluntary Surrender 11/14/2005
Preston, Quentin 465989B Voluntary Surrender 2/11/2011
Price, Joel 358303F Suspension 3/13/2003
Price, Joel 358303F Reinstatement 5/13/2003
Priest, Coy 169878F Voluntary Surrender 3/3/2008
Priestley, Carri 366695E Suspension Priestley, Carri, Suspension 2016 - Screen Readable 6/29/2016
Priestley, Carri 366695E Reinstatement 8/29/2016
Priestley, Carri 366695E Suspension Priestley, Carri, Suspension 2021- Screen Readable 10/1/2021
Pritchard, Sadie 410062D Revocation Pritchard, Sadie, Revocation - Screen Readable 3/9/2021
Prom, Anthony 339011R Permanent Revocation 3/23/2006
Prothero, Steven E 190473R Voluntary Surrender 10/20/2003
Pruss, James 222559G Suspension 7/26/2004
Pruss, James 222559G Reinstatement 8/19/2004
Pygott, Calvin 226356D Voluntary Surrender 10/13/2016


Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Quigley, Shelley 385757J Suspension Quigley, Shelley, Suspension - Screen Readable 9/21/2020
Rachinski, Daryl 245878D Revocation Rachinski, Daryl - Screen Readable 11/7/2013
Radovanovich, Tessa 482305J Voluntary Surrender 12/8/2020
Ramage, James C. 306238G Suspension Ramage, James - Screen Readable 3/19/14
Rapp, Curtis 360689D Permanent Revocation 6/6/2009
Rastovski, David 199817H Voluntary Surrender 4/25/2018
Reason, Lindell 314566A Suspension 4/16/2001
Reavis, Colton 529592H Voluntary Surrender 2/25/2019
Rees, John 324634E Voluntary Surrender 8/15/2023
Regan, Rachelle 484200A Voluntary Surrender 5/27/2022
Reiboldt, Tonie 350485R Permanent Revocation Reiboldt, Tonie - Screen Readable 2/2/2018
Reyes, Davin 447654E Voluntary Surrender 9/18/2020
Reyes, Fitzgerald 335470A Suspension 6/30/2005
Reynaud, Gordon 205615H Voluntary Surrender 6/20/2001
Reyne, Glenn 386626F Voluntary Surrender 9/13/2006
Reynolds, Scott 497748D Voluntary Surrender 3/19/2019
Rhoades, Daniel 432875C Revocation Rhoades, Daniel - Screen Readable 10/6/2010
Rice, Jennifer 362105R Voluntary Surrender 9/21/2007
Richardson, Larry 228137F Revocation Richardson, Larry, Revocation - Screen Readable 2/26/2010
Richardson, Larry 228137F Denial Richardson, Larry - Screen Readable 6/27/2011
Richman, Daniel 345232C Voluntary Surrender 11/7/2014
Richter, Jennifer 541142F Permanent Revocation Richter, Jennifer, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 5/7/2019
Ridenour, Daniel 420413G Revocation 1/5/2009
Rieke, Marcus 272986A Suspension 1/13/2003
Rieke, Marcus 272986A Reinstatement 3/13/2003
Riggin, Ray 294448F Voluntary Surrender 5/10/2018
Riley, Scott 299330A Voluntary Surrender 12/18/2007
Rios, Daniel 482076G Denial of Application Rios, Daniel - Screen Readable 5/24/2011
Rios, Fernando 481888F Voluntary Surrender 1/24/2017
Rivers, Shane 432373R Suspension Rivers, Shane, Suspension - Screen Readable 12/11/2020
Robanske, Carl 409074B Suspension Robanske, Carl, Suspension - Screen Readable 1/5/2017
Roberts, Melyssa 338777F Voluntary Surrender 8/8/2008
Robertson, Mark 255404F Suspension 10/30/2007
Robertson, Mark 255404F Reinstatement 1/9/2008
Robinson, Dianna 341330R Voluntary Surrender 5/30/2002
Rodgers, William 338779B Mandatory Permanent Revocation Rodgers, William - Screen Readable 1/13/2015
Rodriguez, Carlos 377005D Denial of Application 6/27/2006
Rodriguez, Edwin 551324G Voluntary Surrender 9/18/2020
(Roe) White, Mary 421925R Suspension 2/20/2007
(Roe) White, Mary 421925R Reinstatement 4/16/2008
Rogers, Jeffery E 326453H Suspension 5/11/2005
Rojas, Rueben 235646G Suspension 6/13/2003
Ronning, Robert 251501C Suspension 3/26/2004
Rosi, John 322365H Suspension Rosi, John, Suspension - Screen Readable 1/30/2015 
Rosi, John 322365H Reinstatement 7/31/2015
Royle, Jack 519323J Voluntary Surrender 8/1/2018
Runyan, Nancy 214427G Suspension Runyon, Nancy - Screen Readable 1/9/2014
Rushing, Kitty M 289134R Suspension 11/10/2004
Rushing, Kitty M 289134R Reinstatement 4/18/2007
Russell, Larry 329972D Suspension Russell, Larry - Screen Readable 10/31/2018
Russell, Larry 329972D Reinstatement 8/28/2020
Russell, Tommy 364639E Permanent Revocation 3/14/2006
Rutter, Jack 227125B Voluntary Surrender 3/15/2023
Rydland, Robert 197793C Permanent Revocation 9/25/2009


Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Sage, Maika 389879H Suspension Sage, Maika- Screen Readable 7/2/2014
Sage, Russell 337228A Voluntary Surrender 7/5/2023
Sageng, Evan 519811D Voluntary Surrender 1/5/2021
Sammons, Daniel  393503H  Permanent Revocation  4/9/2008 
Sanders, Kenton 304312B Suspension 8/23/2004
Sanders, Lauren 367516B Suspension Sanders, Lauren - Screen Readable 8/4/2014
Sanders, Lauren 367516B Reinstatement 12/18/2015
Sarmiento, Kennedy 517321F Suspension Sarmiento, Kennedy - Screen Readable 6/11/2018
Sartori, Joseph 467322D Permanent Revocation Sartori, Joseph - Screen Readable 2/27/2013
Saryerwinnie, James 428238J Suspension 11/26/2009
Satterfield, Robert 235129D Agreed Order of Suspension Satterfield, Robert - Screen Readable 04/08/2013
Scheline, John 537786F Permanent Revocation Scheline, John - Screen Readable 1/8/2019
Schenk, Daniel 364403F Permanent Revocation Schenk, Daniel - Screen Readable 11/17/2022
Schenk, Ronald G 450858F Revocation Schenk, Ronald G - Screen Readable 10/22/2014
Schierman, Luanne 290645A Suspension 7/6/2006
Schmidt, Kevin 371263E Voluntary Surrender 1/15/2020
Schmidt, Timothy 259462J Voluntary Surrender 4/13/2017
Schmidt, Tyler 428482D Voluntary Surrender 1/4/2007
Schmith, Alan 254631E Suspension 12/1/2003
Schoengarth, Dacia 346267H Suspension Schoengarth, Dacia - Screen Readable 11/8/12
Schoengarth, Dacia 346267H Reinstatement 7/1/2015
Schubert, Carl 240729D Voluntary Surrender 10/20/2005
Schwab (Cozza), Peggy Sue 273020H Suspension 10/30/2004
Schwab (Cozza), Peggy Sue 273020H Reinstatement 3/31/2005
Schwab, Ronald 286751C Permanent Revocation 12/1/2005
Scott, Norman 496222A Permanent Revocation Scott, Norman, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 11/10/2022
Scott, Victor 334522J Suspension Scott, Victor, Suspension - Screen Readable 6/18/2019
Scott, Victor 334522J Voluntary Surrender 4/30/2021
Seaton, Russell 374935E Revocation Seaton, Russell, Revocation - Screen Readable 5/19/2014
Sedzro, Maria 423652G Revocation Sedzro, Maria, Revocation - Screen Readable 2/19/2019
Seidel, Ryan 399220C Permanent Revocation Seidel, Ryan, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 8/31/2022
Seidl, Kelly 356751H Voluntary Surrender 3/7/2002
Sena-Johnson, Anita 299908D Suspension Sena-Johnson, Anita - Screen Readable 10/17/2011
Sena-Johnson, Anita 299908D Reinstatement 1/6/2012
Sepp, Derrick 409081G Permanent Revocation 04/06/2009
Sharp, Neil 415207J Voluntary Surrender 2/20/2019
Sharp, Neil 415207J Reinstatement 3/23/2021
Shaw, Keshia 405106F Mandatory Permanent Revocation Shaw, Keshia - Screen Readable 5/20/2014
Shaw, Robert 271799R Suspension 5/26/2001
Shaw, Robert 271799R Reinstatement 5/20/2003
Shaw, Ronald 391697J Suspension Shaw, Ronald, Suspension - Screen Readable 6/15/2017
Sheehan, Timothy 255422H Voluntary Surrender 7/25/2008
Sherman, Jacob 521818E Permanent Revocation Sherman, Jacob - Screen Readable 11/18/2022
Shetterly, Craig 478184E Suspension Shetterly, Craig - Screen Readable 11/21/2016
Shoddy, Ann 353572A Suspension 3/15/2005
Shoddy, Ann 353572A Reinstatement 4/29/2005
Shores, Justin 405434B Denial of Application 5/20/2002
Shulick, John 418110C Permanent Revocation Shulick, John - Screen Readable 9/14/2010
Siegel, Kit B 229090F Suspension 5/23/2001
Sims, Darold 313477B Suspension Sims, Darold - Screen Readable 5/10/11
Singh, Jang 382102B Voluntary Surrender 9/27/2016
Sipsey, Thomas 370627B Revocation 2/24/2003
Smedsrud, Eric 360657A Voluntary Surrender 1/26/2018
Smith, Claudia 348486B Voluntary Surrender 7/24/2019
Smith, Clete 344160G Voluntary Surrender 10/13/2021
Smith, Kelly 309676E Suspension Smith, Kelly - Screen Readable 4/6/2010
Smith, Kelly 309676E Reinstatement 2/8/2012
Smith, Michael 317729B Revocation 1/6/2003
Smith, Michael L. 328603F Voluntary Surrender 1/27/2017
Smith, Ryan 374871B Suspension 9/19/2008
Smith, Ryan 374871B Reinstatement 1/20/2009
Snyder, Matthew 457734B Permanent Revocation Snyder, Matthew - Screen Readable 3/18/2016
Sondheim, Olivia 506356E Permanent Revocation Sonheim, Olivia - Screen Readable 2/7/2020
Spieker, Ron 196664G Suspension 11/22/2006
Spieker, Ron 196664G Reinstatement 3/22/2007
Spies, Scott 267241H Permanent Revocation Spies, Scott - Screen Readable 8/10/2011
Springer, David 539397J Suspension Suspension, Springer, David - Screen Readable 4/16/2021
Springer, Ryan 447162R Permanent Revocation 9/25/2008
Spry, Eric 486785R Permanent Revocation Spry, Eric - Screen Readable 10/12/2015
Stacy, Kenneth 417522J Revocation 6/6/2006
Standley, Norman 112346B Revocation 4/30/2007
Starkel, Daniel 267057H Suspension 4/30/2004
Starkey, Joseph 432830H Permanent Revocation 10/4/2008
Stebbins, Debra 519017H Suspension Stebbins, Debra- Screen Readable 5/4/2018
Stebbins, Randy 273636A Suspension, Stebbins, Randy - Screen Readable 8/7/2020
Stern, Karl 428263H Suspension Stern, Karl - Screen Readable 4/1/2016
Stern, Karl 428263H Reinstatement 4/17/2017
Stewart, Larry 147976E Voluntary Surrender 1/22/2007
Stewart, Timothy 392773H Suspension Stewart, Timothy - Screen Readable 7/8/2011
Stewart, Timothy 392773H Reinstatement 8/9/2011
Stiltner, Kirk F 203750E Revocation 8/28/2002
Stipulkosky, Heather 390066R Suspension
Stipulkosky, Heather - Screen Readable
Stone, James 286676B Permanent Revocation 9/11/2006
Storaci, Scott 325837C Suspension Storaci, Scott, Suspension - Screen Readable 7/2/2010
Storaci, Scott 325837C Reinstatement 8/19/2010
Strait, Ian 401708C Suspension Strait, Ian - Screen Readable 8/14/2018
Strait, Kevin 228411E Suspension Strait, Kevin - Screen Readable 1/19/2010
Strait, Kevin 228411E Reinstatement 5/25/2010
Stratton, Michael G 122259E Voluntary Surrender 1/10/2001
Strawn, Donald 275207R Denial of Application 5/20/2003
Stretch, Shane 558829H Voluntary Surrender 9/18/2023
Stritmatter, Ande Rick 199795F Permanent Revocation 3/27/2006
Strong, Rick 365049F Revocation Strong, Rick - Screen Readable 3/26/2010
Stubbs, Wilford S 331055D Suspension 6/22/2005
Stubbs, Wilford 331055D Reinstatement 8/4/2008
Sukahskas, Ron 307932D Voluntary Surrender 12/28/2009
Sullivan, Kimberly G 328423R Suspension 4/8/2005
Sullivan, Kimberly G 328423R Reinstatement 8/8/2008
Summers, Brett 342983D Suspension 8/21/2003
Summers, Brett 342983D Reinstatement 12/15/2003
Sundahl, David 161490A Voluntary Surrender 12/14/1995
Sutton, Ginnie 346970G Suspension 6/12/2003
Sutton, Ginnie 346970G Reinstatement 12/15/2003
Swalstad, Robert 266215B Revocation 12/2/2005
Swerin, Rodney 259368R Voluntary Surrender 6/8/2015
Sweum, Richard N 288265B Revocation 7/25/2003
Sybouts, Zachary 503736A Permanent Revocation Sybouts, Zachary - Screen Readable 5/1/2018


Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Tachiyama, Jennifer 395155E Suspension Tachiyama, Jennifer - Screen Readable 9/17/2014
Tachiyama, Jennifer 395155E Reinstatement 1/17/2017
Talley, Michael 261570F Voluntary Surrender 6/19/2000
Talley, Michael 261570F Denial Talley, Michael - Screen Readable 7/9/2010
Taruscio, Leonard 129255F Voluntary Surrender 1/23/2008
Taylor, John 216483H Suspension 3/3/2004
Taylor, John 216483H Reinstatement 9/7/2005
Taylor, Michele 378311E Suspension Taylor, Michele, Suspension - Screen Readable 8/21/2012
Taylor, Michele 378311E Reinstatement 8/22/2013
Teeter, David 368629B Voluntary Surrender 2/5/2021
Tenore, Michael 145206R Voluntary Surrender 10/21/2010
Thacker, Matthew 274904B Suspension 4/2/2007
Thacker, Matthew 274904B Reinstatement 5/14/2008
Thompson, William 336162C Voluntary Surrender 7/14/2010
Tjarnberg, Stephen 243137G Voluntary Surrender 10/29/2021
Todd, Brian 298360R Suspension 5/11/2006
Todd, Brian 298360R Reinstatement 7/31/2006
Todd, Rebekah 419121R Voluntary Surrender 2/15/2007
Toews, Steven 502917H Voluntary Surrender 05/07/2015
Trapp, David W 135044F Suspension 3/31/2006
Trapp, David 135044F Reinstatement 5/3/2006
Trina, Anthony  356571J  Suspension 5/15/2008 
Trudgeon, Richard 191058G Voluntary Surrender 6/20/2004
Trujillo, Charles 187524D Suspension 7/16/2009
Tucker, Christopher 420495D Voluntary Surrender 11/17/2020
Tupper, Craig 333278J Suspension 5/22/2006
Tupper, Craig 333278J Reinstatement 11/15/2006
Turya, David 276804B Permanent Revocation 7/22/1994
Tuttle, Michael 292670G Suspension 7/31/2003
Tuttle, Michael 292670G Reinstatement 5/30/2003


Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Ulrich, Michael J 310094H Voluntary Surrender 3/4/2005
Umbeck, Frederick 189727A Voluntary Surrender 7/5/2005
Unruh, Gordon 218540C Suspension name - Screen Readable 3/30/2017
Urio, Peter A 311801E Suspension 2/7/2005
Urio, Peter A 311801E Reinstatement 4/7/2005
Urquidez, Ruben 504927E Voluntary Surrender 7/27/2017


Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Valles, Richard 391576F Revocation 7/11/2003
Van Eaton, Michael 425548E Voluntary Surrender 11/3/2022
Van Pelt, Yvonne 480122A Suspension Van Pelt, Yvonne - Screen Readable 7/2/2014
Van Pelt, Yvonne 480122A Reinstatement 8/18/2014
Vanmarter, Travis 384940C Suspension 4/2/2007
Vanmarter, Travis 384940C Reinstatement 8/15/2007
Vanmarter, Travis 384940C Voluntary Surrender 2/21/2018
Van Valkenburg, Dale 461688D Suspension Van Valkenburg, Dale, Suspension - Screen Readable 5/19/17
Verver, Craig 356432E Voluntary Surrender 1/17/2019
Verkist, Bruce 167428B Order of Revocation Verkist, Bruce - Screen Readable 7/12/2013
Vetter, Gary 242783R Voluntary Surrender 3/7/2006
Vetter, Gary 242783R Denial of Application 7/27/2009
Victorino, Richard 457820R Permanent Revocation Victorino, Richard - Screen Readable 9/21/2011


Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Wach, Elyse 504573G Suspension Wach, Elyse - Screen Readable 6/29/2020
Wagner, Justine 496168F Voluntary Surrender 11/8/2017
Wakabayashi, Matthew 186074A Suspension 6/5/2007
Wales, Celah 456164C Agreed Suspension Wales, Celah - Screen Readable 6/15/2016
Wales, Celah 456164C Reinstatement 6/16/2017
Walker, Craig D 346843F Suspension 7/22/2003
Walker, Jeffrey 592340D Voluntary Surrender 8/1/2023
Walker, Steven 340776D Suspension Walker, Steven - Screen Readable 3/31/2017
Walker, Steven 340776D Reinstatement 8/21/2017
Walkup, Gary 230581A Suspension 12/3/2007
Walkup, Gary 230581A Reinstatement 6/4/2008
Ward, Heidi 420875G Suspension 11/3/2008
Ward, Lance A 339262H Voluntary Surrender 4/20/2000
Warme, Michael 200164B Revocation 2/18/2005
Washburn, Frank 246421B Suspension Washburn, Frank- Screen Readable 7/23/2010
Washburn, Frank 246421B Reinstatement 10/18/2010
Watkins, Mark A 308024R Revocation 12/2/2002
Watts, Aron 345432R Revocation Watts, Aron, Revocation - Screen Readable 1/26/2022
Wayland, Johnnie 349019J Denial of Application 1/10/2007
Weaver, Kirk M 399209F Suspension 11/24/2003
Webb, Todd 455813F Voluntary Surrender 3/29/2019
Webber, Wade 298613A Voluntary Surrender 7/7/2009
Weidenbach, Steve 397541D Suspension 8/25/2009
Weidenbach, Steve 397541D Reinstatement 9/9/2010
Weinstock, Jeffrey 449048H Agreed Order of Suspension Weinstock, Jeffrey- Screen Readable 06/03/2013
Weller, Taryn 527098H Voluntary Surrender 8/21/2023
Wells, Kayla 447553R Voluntary Surrender 10/15/2012
Wells, Rodney 457719C Suspension Wells, Rodney, Suspension - Screen Readable 8/23/17
Welter, Dawn 322426H Voluntary Surrender 8/16/2007
Westerfield, Lindsey 512975D Voluntary Surrender 5/14/2021
Wheeler, William W 249925R Voluntary Surrender 1/31/2001
Whipple, Rex 388863C Revocation 2/11/2007
Whiston, Jeffrey 549247E Permanent Revocation Whiston, Jeffrey, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 8/23/2023
Whitaker, Douglas 141934J Permanent Revocation 1/29/2006
White (Padilla), Mariana 480063G Revocation White, Mariana, Revocation - Screen Readable 8/26/2019
White (Roe), Mary 421925R Suspension 2/20/2007
White (Roe), Mary 421925R Reinstatement 4/16/2008
White, Neil 315049G Suspension 6/27/2003
Whitney, Ethan 534451J Suspension Whitney, Ethan Suspension - Screen Readable 7/3/2023
Whitney, Ethan 534451J Reinstatement 8/18/2023
Wilhelm, Charles 491457H Suspension Wilhelm, Charles - Screen Readable 12/9/2015
Willcox, Ralph E 383311H Revocation 2/26/2004
Williams, Clare E 339548J Suspension 11/5/2002
Williams, Daniel 366235J Suspension 3/27/2007
Williams, Daniel 366235J Reinstatement 7/27/2007
Williams, Luisa 519227C Suspension Williams, Luisa - Screen Readable 2/26/2019
Williams, Marlon 434214C Denial of Application 1/18/2006
Williams, Randall M. 338804H Suspension Williams, Randall - Screen Readable 9/14/2015
Williams, Randall M. 338804H Reinstatement 11/28/2018
Williamson, Andrew 555613R Voluntary Surrender 5/15/2023
Williamson, Debra 211314J Suspension 3/23/2004
Willis, Jeffrey C. 377071F Permanent Revocation Willis, Jeffrey - Screen Readable 7/14/2016
Willmarth, Crispen 318209D Suspension Willmarth, Crispen, Suspension - Screen Readable 11/25/2013
Willmarth, Crispen 318209D Reinstatement 2/14/2017
Willoughby, Pamela 188773F Suspension Willoughby, Pamela - Screen Readable 8/8/2016
Wilson, Amy 418984A Revocation 2/16/2009
Wilson, Carol 216233G Suspension 1/8/2001
Wilson, Carol 216233G Reinstatement 4/25/2003
Wilson, Robert D 446204J Denial of Certificate 6/19/2007
Wilson, Sondra 434737C Voluntary Surrender 7/20/2010
(Wilson) Loop, Stacy Marie 362004D Suspension 7/26/2006
(Wilson) Loop, Stacy Marie 362004D Reinstatement 4/16/2009
Wilson, Steven 387141E Revocation 10/30/2009
Winn, April 436136F Voluntary Surrender 6/3/2010
Winn, April 436136F Reinstatement 9/6/2017
Winsor, Lane 396275J Suspension Winsor, Lane - Screen Readable 8/1/2016
Winsor, Lane 396275J Reinstatement 5/8/2019
Wiseman, Angela 333734D Voluntary Surrender 10/28/2015
Witte, Mark 423061A Voluntary Surrender 7/5/2016
Wodehouse, Russell 367531A Revocation 2/6/2007
Wolff, Juanita J 272341R Revocation 1/20/2003
Wood, Erik 486410D Suspension Wood, Erik - Screen Readable 1/8/2019
Wood, Howard 344794C Suspension Wood, Howard - Screen Readable 9/4/2013
Woodford, Matthew 438845J Permanent Revocation Woodford, Matthew, Permanent Revocation - Screen Readable 7/23/2019
Wright, Darrell 220018F Revocation Wright, Darrell - Screen Readable 11/29/2010
Wright, Robert 267217H Voluntary Surrender 7/28/2021
Wright, Shawn 234827D Revocation 3/30/2008
Wright, Todd 537019B Voluntary Surrender 2/26/2021
Wyatt, Aaron 340872A Voluntary Surrender 9/23/2008


Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
X, Sayeed 387142C Revocation 1/9/2006


Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Yarr, Daniel J 343146G Suspension 4/6/2004
Yates, Devin 417176E Voluntary Surrender 8/2/2017
Young, Edward K 361312B Suspension 8/13/2004
Young, Edward K 361312B Reinstatement 10/26/2005
Young, Kyle 393926A Suspension 9/8/2008
Young, Kyle 393926A Reinstatement 10/29/2009
Young, Matthew 392576E Revocation 7/11/2007
Yusi, Charles 432063F Suspension 10/30/2006


Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
Zeran, John J 190612B Voluntary Surrender 3/30/2000