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Art Show Winners

Superintendent's Choice Award

Enlarge Monkey Business
Artist's Name: N. Downey
Title: Monkey Business
Medium: Ink and Watercolor
Teacher: Dan Brown
School/District: Okanogan High School/Okanogan

Governor's Choice Award

Enlarge Faux Pas
Artist's Name: J. Broadnax
Title: Faux Pas
Medium: Pen and Ink
Teacher: Terri Placentia
School/District: Tacoma School of the Arts/Tacoma

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Staff Award

Enlarge He walked away through the beach grass?
Artist's Name: A. Kolberg
Title: He walked away through the beach grass?
Medium: Clay
Teacher: Sandy Brown
School/District: /Longview

Association of Washington School Principals Award

Enlarge Zoo Animals
Artist's Name: K. Fortin
Title: Zoo Animals
Medium: Torn Paper
Teacher: Laurie Judd
School/District: /White Pass

ArtsEd Washington Award

Enlarge Tia Mairia
Artist's Name: B. Castillo
Title: Tia Mairia
Medium: Torn Paper
Teacher: Dan Brown
School/District: Okanogan High School/Okanogan

Professional Educator Standards Board Award

Enlarge Nature Vase
Artist's Name: B. Smith
Title: Nature Vase
Medium: Ceramic
Teacher: Robert McMinn
School/District: Richland High School/Richland

State Board of Education Award

Enlarge Ha Ha to Musuko
Artist's Name: D. Magdalera
Title: Ha Ha to Musuko
Medium: Prisma Colors and Acrylics
Teacher: Kit Christopherson
School/District: Oak Harbor High School/Oak Harbor

Washington Art Education Association Award

Enlarge Kermani
Artist's Name: N. Kermani
Title: Kermani
Medium: Water-soluble Oil
Teacher: Christy Kreps

Washington Association of School Administrators Award

Enlarge My Unique Simplicity
Artist's Name: J. Mattingly
Title: My Unique Simplicity
Medium: Clay
Teacher: Pam Smith

Washington State School Directors' Association Award

Enlarge Hunter
Artist's Name: R. Del Vecchio
Title: Hunter
Medium: Ebony Pencil, Acrylic Paint
Teacher: Jan Stumph
School/District: Mark Morris High School/Longview

Honorable Mention

Enlarge Twinkle Twinke Little Bat, and the Vicious?
Artist's Name: S. Bauer
Title: Twinkle Twinke Little Bat, and the Vicious?
Medium: Mixed Media - (Pencil, Ink, Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor)
Teacher: Mary Jones
School/District: East Valley High School/East Valley (Yakima)

Honorable Mention

Enlarge Once Upon a Climb
Artist's Name: A. Abad
Title: Once Upon a Climb
Medium: Mixed Media - Graphite, Digital Media
Teacher: Becky Marshall
School/District: Olympic High School/Central Kitsap

Judges' Choice Award

Enlarge Breakfast Chess Set
Artist's Name: J. Cervantes
Title: Breakfast Chess Set
Medium: Ceramic
Teacher: Mark Wavra & Matthew Kimmel
School/District: /Eastmont

Judges' Choice Award

Enlarge Human in the Tree Root
Artist's Name: S. Son
Title: Human in the Tree Root
Medium: Cut Paper
Teacher: Rick Wigre
School/District: Henry M. Jackson High School/Everett

Judges' Choice Award

Enlarge Lives Without Color
Artist's Name: D. Mann
Title: Lives Without Color
Medium: Charcoal/Acrylic
Teacher: T.J. Frey
School/District: Kelso High School/Kelso

Judges' Choice Award

Enlarge Trail of Music
Artist's Name: B. Castillo, B. Freel and B. Wick
Title: Trail of Music
Medium: Mixed Media
Teacher: Dan Brown
School/District: Okanogan High School/Okanogan

Washington State Parent Teacher Association

Enlarge Raining Ink
Artist's Name: M. Powers
Title: Raining Ink
Medium: Ink, Watercolor
Teacher: Connie Murphy
School/District: Richland High School/Richland