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Art Show Winners

Superintendent's Choice Award

Enlarge Structure
Artist's Name: C. Perez
Title: Structure
Medium: Photography
Teacher: Shawn Murphy
School/District: Richland High School/Richland

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Staff Award

Enlarge The City
Artist's Name: C. Palodichuk
Title: The City
Medium: Paper
Teacher: Caro Wilding
School/District: North Kitsap High School/North Kitsap

Association of Washington School Principals Award

Enlarge Owl
Artist's Name: K. Johnson
Title: Owl
Medium: Ceramic
Teacher: Victoria Gravenslund
School/District: Kamiakin High School/Kennewick

ArtsEd Washington Award

Enlarge Nature's Fire
Artist's Name: Y. Mosqueda
Title: Nature's Fire
Medium: Ink
Teacher: April Ottey
School/District: Hanford High School/Richland

Professional Educator Standards Board Award

Enlarge Daily Life Batik
Artist's Name: A. Branham
Title: Daily Life Batik
Medium: Batik
Teacher: Suzanne Ard
School/District: Kennewick High School/Kennewick

State Board of Education Award

Enlarge Nature Swing
Artist's Name: J. Hughes
Title: Nature Swing
Medium: Batik
Teacher: Laurie Judd
School/District: /White Pass

Washington Art Education Association Award

Enlarge Pushing It All Away
Artist's Name: L. Mentele
Title: Pushing It All Away
Medium: Mixed Media
Teacher: Laura King
School/District: Shorecrest High School/Shoreline

Washington Association of School Administrators Award

Enlarge Fur Elise
Artist's Name: E. Baron
Title: Fur Elise
Medium: Colored Pencil
Teacher: TJ Frey
School/District: Kelso High School/Kelso

Washington State School Directors' Association Award

Enlarge Dreams of Despondency
Artist's Name: A. Sanchez
Title: Dreams of Despondency
Medium: Graphite
Teacher: Ruth Appleby
School/District: Kentlake High School/Kent

Honorable Mention

Enlarge Echo
Artist's Name: S. Eilers
Title: Echo
Medium: Ceramic
Teacher: Michael Holmes
School/District: Royal High School/Royal

Judges' Choice Award

Enlarge Finding Birds
Artist's Name: CH Kim
Title: Finding Birds
Medium: Pen, Digital Artwork
Teacher: Rick Wigre
School/District: Henry M. Jackson High School/Everett

Judges' Choice Award

Enlarge Featherbrained
Artist's Name: H. Pomante
Title: Featherbrained
Medium: Pastel
Teacher: Angelika Wilson-Wipp
School/District: Mt Spokane High School/Mead

Judges' Choice Award

Enlarge Aphrodite
Artist's Name: H. Jeung
Title: Aphrodite
Medium: Oil Paint
Teacher: Justin Donahue

Judges' Choice Award

Enlarge Free-For-All
Artist's Name: K. Ramos
Title: Free-For-All
Medium: Photography
Teacher: Rick Wigre
School/District: Henry M. Jackson High School/Everett

Judges' Choice Award

Enlarge Dancers
Artist's Name: M. Dominguez
Title: Dancers
Medium: Oil Pastel
Teacher: Mark Wavra & Matthew Kimmel
School/District: /Eastmont

OSPI Choice Award and Governor's Choice Award

Enlarge Flying Free
Artist's Name: E. Rawson
Title: Flying Free
Medium: Metalwork
Teacher: Dan Brown
School/District: Okanogan High School/Okanogan