2022 Art Show

Gallery of the Superintendent's High School Art Show state winners.

OSPI Staff Choice Award

Artist's Name: Isabelle Ehlis
Title: Botanical Refuge
Medium: Colored Pencil
Dimensions: 17"x22"
Teacher: Carole Huls
School/District: Davis High School/Yakima


Superintendent's Choice Award

Artist's Name: Jacob Reeves
Title: Old Capitol
Medium: Watercolor and Ink
Teacher: Joshua Everson
School/District: Olympia High School/Olympia


Governor's Choice Award

Artist's Name: Margot Massey
Title: Georgia on My Mind
Medium: Oil
Dimensions: 12" X 12"
Teacher: Corrine Lechelt
School/District: Kamiakin High School/Kennewick


Jurors' Choice Award

Artist's Name: Rachel Peterson
Title: Innocent Rumination
Medium: Stained glass panel
Teacher: Erin Bangle
School/District: On Track Academy/Spokane


Jurors' Choice Award

Artist's Name: Patricia Catacutan
Title: The Real Me that You See
Medium: Charcoal
Dimensions: 18 " x 30 "
Teacher: Tamara Hoodenpyl
School/District: Ridgefield High School/Ridgefield


Jurors' Choice Award

Artist's Name: Adelyn Krone
Title: The Track to Ukraine
Medium: Digital Art
Teacher: Cecily Schmidt
School/District: Avanti High School/Olympia


Jurors' Choice Award

Artist's Name: Erewyn Limric
Title: Immigrant Stereotypes
Medium: Color pencil and Graphite
Dimensions: 12" x 14"
Teacher: Dorrie Coleman
School/District: Puyallup High School/Puyallup


Jurors' Choice Award

Artist's Name: Toko Kameda
Title: Escapism
Medium: Watercolor
Dimensions: 9 x 6
Teacher: Emily Palmitere
School/District: Kamiak High School/Mukilteo


Association of Washington School Principals Award

Artist's Name: Teagen Bushman
Title: Brown Eyes
Medium: Digital Photography
Teacher: Felicia Jones
School/District: Chiawana High School/Pasco


ArtsEd Washington Award

Artist's Name: Annaka Hansen
Title: Girl in the Lupine Field
Medium: Acrylic Paint
Dimensions: 13" 11" 1/2"
Teacher: Rose Honey
School/District: West Valley High School/West Valley (Spokane)


InspireWA Award

Artist's Name: Samantha Kotulak
Title: Genderfluid
Medium: Photography (digital)
Teacher: Christa Mallory
School/District: Glacier Peak High School/Snohomish


Professional Educator Standards Board Award

Artist's Name: Leila Chavez
Title: Mt. Tahoma
Medium: Marker
Teacher: Joshua Everson
School/District: Olympia High School/Olympia


State Board of Education Award

Artist's Name: Sidney Phelps
Title: Anxiety
Medium: Pens
Dimensions: 9in x 12in
Teacher: Donald Sandmann
School/District: South Kitsap High School/South Kitsap


Washington Art Education Association Award

Artist's Name: Audrey Stenger
Title: Star Balloons
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 24 " x 20 "
Teacher: Crystal Zeller
School/District: Vancouver School of Arts and Academics/Vancouver


Washington Association of School Administrators Award

Artist's Name: Anessa Hanson
Title: Sunflower Meadow
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 12inx10inx1in
Teacher: Reed Carlson
School/District: Wenatchee High School/Wenatchee


Washington Education Association Award

Artist's Name: Moriah Von Behren
Title: Pride & Unity
Medium: Watercolor and collage
Dimensions: 24" x 12"
Teacher: Angelika Wilson-Wipp
School/District: Mt Spokane High School/Mead


Washington State School Directors' Association Award

Artist's Name: Ella Sherin
Title: Traditional and Contemporary Hand Drum
Medium: Acrylic on Rawhide
Teacher: Joshua Everson
School/District: Olympia High School/Olympia


Honorable Mention

Artist's Name: Sophia Rusk
Title: Myna Birds
Medium: Pen & Ink
Dimensions: 9" x 6"
Teacher: Rebecca Silva Clinard
School/District: Innovation Lab High School/PRIDE Prep Charter School District


Honorable Mention

Artist's Name: Fiona Whitaker
Title: Jewel Chest with Drawer
Medium: Ceramic
Teacher: Katie Jahner
School/District: Olympia High School/Olympia


Honorable Mention

Artist's Name: Malia Ohira
Title: Solid to the Touch
Medium: Sterling Silver
Dimensions: 1"x1/16" Size 7 Ring
Teacher: Kyle Rees
School/District: Auburn Riverside High School/Auburn


Honorable Mention

Artist's Name: Ryan Sanchez
Title: Carrion
Medium: Charcoal
Teacher: Kit Christopherson
School/District: Oak Harbor High School/Oak Harbor


CWU Scholarship Award

Artist's Name: Claira Tuning
Title: Call for Help
Medium: Charcoal, black colored pencil, white chalk, Graphite
Dimensions: 24" x 18"
Teacher: Scott Gray
School/District: Goldendale High School/Goldendale