2024 Art Show

Gallery of the Superintendent's High School Art Show state and regional winners. To enlarge images, simply click on the image.


Artist's Name: Luca Campbell
Title: Directions
Medium: Digital Photography
Dimensions: 12.6 x 8.4
Teacher: David Egeler
School/District: Port Townsend High School/Port Townsend


OSPI Staff Choice Award

Artist's Name: Oliver Flynn
Title: Junewood
Medium: Ceramics
Dimensions: 18"x9"x9"
Teacher: Andrea Beck
School/District: Olympic High School/Central Kitsap


Washington Interscholastic Activities Association Award

Artist's Name: Leslie Badillo
Title: Up Close and Personal
Medium: Colored Pencil
Dimensions: 13" x 14"
Teacher: Carole Huls
School/District: Davis High School/Yakima


Washington State Parent Teacher Association Award

Artist's Name: Thuan Trung
Title: Ramen Bowl
Medium: Ceramic
Dimensions: 4"x6"x6"
Teacher: Samantha Tesch
School/District: Meadowdale High School/Edmonds


Superintendent's Choice Award

Artist's Name: Mia Ressa
Title: Nature's Hand
Medium: Acrylic Paint
Teacher: Chad Brazill
School/District: Lewis and Clark High School/Spokane


Governor's Choice Award

Artist's Name: Lexi Ann Vargas
Title: Recycled Ocean
Medium: Mixed Media (paint)
Dimensions: 42" x 27"
Teacher: Todd Steenhard
School/District: Pateros High School/Pateros


Jurors' Choice Award

Artist's Name: Sydney Chrisopulus
Title: Bond Between Generations
Medium: Pencil, Charcoal
Dimensions: 11" x 14"
Teacher: Jason Phelps
School/District: Columbia River High/Vancouver


Jurors' Choice Award

Artist's Name: Rachel Han
Title: Beyond the Surface
Medium: Acrylic & Oil
Dimensions: 12" x 20"
Teacher: Jennifer Bitter
School/District: Newport High School/Bellevue


Jurors' Choice Award

Artist's Name: Brooke Smith
Title: Color Me Happy
Medium: Charcoal
Dimensions: 17" x 17"
Teacher: Brock Sadler
School/District: Richland High School/Richland


Association of Washington School Principals Award

Artist's Name: Leilani Cherry
Title: Tuesday 7:23 AM
Medium: Graphite
Dimensions: 12" x 9"
Teacher: Katy Govan
School/District: Timberline High School/North Thurston Public Schools


ArtsEd Washington Award

Artist's Name: Yoselin Sanchez
Title: OXXO
Medium: Colored Pencil
Dimensions: 11" x 14"
Teacher: TJ Frey
School/District: Kelso High School/Kelso


InspireWA Award

Artist's Name: Claira Tuning
Title: Placed on a Pedastal
Medium: Charcoal
School/District: Goldendale High School/Goldendale


Professional Educator Standards Board Award

Artist's Name: Katie Conn
Title: Massacre at School
Medium: Charcoal
Teacher: Jenne Hatcher
School/District: Mead Senior High School/Mead


State Board of Education Award

Artist's Name: Chinmayee Kuntulu
Title: Memory Locket
Medium: Ink
Dimensions: 20" x 20"
Teacher: Joshua Everson
School/District: Olympia High School/Olympia


Washington Art Education Association Award

Artist's Name: Lily Grace Cavanaugh
Title: Obsession
Medium: Gouache Painting
Dimensions: 22" x 30 "
Teacher: Kara Oxner
School/District: Tahoma Senior High School/Tahoma


Washington Association of School Administrators Award

Artist's Name: Vanessa Cisco
Title: Natsu No Owari
Medium: Acrylic & Oil
Dimensions: 43" x 59"
Teacher: Kit Christopherson
School/District: Oak Harbor High School/Oak Harbor


Washington Education Association Award

Artist's Name: Sophee Marvin
Title: The Unforgettable Gift
Medium: Photography
Dimensions: 8" x 10"
Teacher: Becky Broyles
School/District: Homelink River/Battle Ground


Washington State School Directors' Association Award

Artist's Name: McKaye Morrill
Title: Janitor
Medium: Photography
Dimensions: 8" x 10"
Teacher: Jay Adams
School/District: Snohomish High School/Snohomish


Honorable Mention

Artist's Name: Finley Sicilia
Title: Nostalgia
Medium: Clay
Teacher: Nicolette Banger
School/District: Mead Senior High School/Mead


Honorable Mention

Artist's Name: Rylie Bayes
Title: Rylie
Medium: Graphite
Dimensions: 12" x 12"
Teacher: Waymeth Boyes
School/District: Goldendale High School/Goldendale


Honorable Mention

Artist's Name: Lana Saopraseuth
Title: Onward
Medium: Digital Art
Dimensions: 10" x 12"
Teacher: Sean Morrison
School/District: Union High School/Evergreen (Clark)


Honorable Mention

Artist's Name: Laura Wang
Title: Family Portrait
Medium: Pencil, Charcoal
Dimensions: 15.5"x 19"
Teacher: Heidi Keith
School/District: Camas High School/Camas


Honorable Mention

Artist's Name: Ruby T. Koski
Title: Gills in Color
Medium: Ink & Watercolor
Dimensions: 14" x 16"
Teacher: Russ Rummler
School/District: Wenatchee High School/Wenatchee


Honorable Mention

Artist's Name: Kimberly Strong
Title: Denim Debut
Medium: Oil Pastel
Dimensions: 27"x18"
Teacher: Alan Pace
School/District: CASHMERE HIGH SCHOOL/Cashmere