Transition Courses

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Graduation Pathways
Graduation Pathways

Bridge to College
Heidi Aijala, Ph.D.
Secondary ELA Associate Director

Arlene Crum
Secondary Mathematics Director

Transition courses are identified as either Bridge to College courses or through local articulation agreements between institutions of higher education and school districts/State-Tribal Education Compacts (STECs). English language arts and math high school transition courses must satisfy a student's core or elective credit graduation requirements.

Districts/STECs do not need to submit any additional information; data will be collected from CEDARS student grade history records.

Bridge to College

  • Coursework completed in the 2018-19 school year or later; AND
  • Must be a state-approved high school; AND
  • Taught by an eligible teacher; AND
  • 1.0 high school credit earned in the same school year.

Administration of a Bridge to College course as a graduation pathway requires that districts/STECs and schools adhere to the same assurances previously established for the courses (refer to District and School Assurances for more information). Students must earn a B grade or higher for college placement.

Local Agreement

  • A local agreement must be in place with college; AND
  • Must result in 100 level or higher college-level course placement; AND
  • Course must count towards high school ELA or Math credit.