Superintendent Chris Reykdal on Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom

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Katy Payne she/her

Today, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) released guidance for a human-centered approach to integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Washington's public schools

In the last year, Washington’s teachers delivered over a billion hours of instruction to our students – and technology held an important role in that delivery, as it has every year. Particularly over during the pandemic, our schools took on the massive effort of establishing a technological infrastructure that allowed for each and every student and teacher to have their own device. AI is emerging rapidly into the various aspects of teaching, learning, and school district operations. Washington state is remarkably positioned to integrate AI in our classrooms and campuses across our state.

“Our commitment is not just to integrate AI into the classroom,” said State Superintendent Chris Reykdal in his opening message in the guidance. “It’s to do so with a vision that places our educators and students at the center of this digital revolution with a priority for human inquiry that uses AI for production, but never as the final thought, product, or paper.”

“AI is a powerful tool, but it only enhances learning if students and educators embrace an ‘H→AI→H’ approach,” Reykdal continued. “Start with human inquiry, see what AI produces, and always close with human reflection, human edits, and human understanding of what was produced.”

The guidance, which centers on human inquiry and empowerment, encourages educators and school leaders to embrace the use of AI as a tool to support personalized student learning, enhance productivity for school employees, and equip students to thrive in a rapidly changing technological world.

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