Professional Learning Opportunities for Title I, Part A and LAP

Events and Timelines

See the Coordinated Calendar of Events and Program Timelines for a list of events and timelines (some federal and state programs).

This webpage is dedicated to providing you with information about networking and learning opportunities. We offer Statewide Network Meetings and Virtual Office Hours for Title I, Part A/LAP directors. These meetings provide updates, requirements, and solutions to problems of practice. They also keep you informed about what is happening in the field. By working together, we can achieve high-quality professional learning and support for continuous improvement.

Statewide Network Meeting Schedule

These meetings continue to strengthen and improve our partnerships by offering the following:

  1. Opportunities to answer questions, facilitate dialogue, and exchange ideas and information for program improvement with LEAs across the state.
  2. Centered expertise and experiences of LEAs as they implement Title I, Part A, and LAP-funded programs.
  3. Integrated and consistent information and support while highlighting district examples and encouraging LEA collaboration.

Video recordings of each meeting are posted after the recording is ready with a link (can take up to two weeks). We replace recordings with current ones. If you need to watch a recording that is no longer available, please email, and include the day and month of the presentation in your email.

Class Title Time, Date, Location, and Registration
Title I, Part A and LAP Statewide Network Meeting Tue, May 14 2024, 9 - 11am
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Title I, Part A and LAP Statewide Network Meeting Thu, May 16 2024, 2 - 4pm
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Virtual Office Hours Schedule

These optional one-hour events are open to all LEAs and are not recorded. This is additional time to ask questions and learn from our team about a variety of Title I, Part A and LAP topics. Choose from am or pm sessions, no registration is needed. We look forward to your participation.