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Resource Clearinghouse

This Resource Clearinghouse is a central home for all research, tools, and promising practices that schools and districts can use to guide effective planning, policymaking, and instructional decisions. Here you can find resources about students, state standards, assessment, program implementation, and curriculum. The resources on this page are in various formats.

The filters on the lower-left can be expanded by clicking on the relevant word and by checking or unchecking the boxes next to the chosen filters. Selecting one or more filters will update the resource files listed and can be used to find a specific set.

The resources in this clearinghouse do not fully represent all information publically available from OSPI.

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Data Filters

Title Program or Focus Area Standards Area Year
Proviso- Basic Education Obligations Finance 2017
Written Document Analysis Worksheet Indian Ed. Social Studies 2017
Sample US History Syllabus Form ALD 2017
Proviso- Tracking Bilingual Program Finance 2017
Graduation Checklist 2016 OSSI 2017
Proviso-School Safety Finance 2017
Sample Marine Biology Syllabus Form ALD 2017
An Integrated Approach to College Career and life Readiness OSSI 2017
Proviso- Project Lead the Way Finance 2017
Sample Master Tracker GATE 2017
Cultural Competence Training and Family and Community Engagement Needs for Community Truancy Boards EOGOAC 2017
Graduation Checklist 2016 OSSI 2017
Proviso- Professional Educator Workforce Finance 2017
PNP Lesson 1- Map 1855 Indian Ed. Social Studies 2017
Monthly Progress Review Template ALD 2017
Washington State Comprehensive School Counseling and Guidance Program Model OSSI 2017
Proviso- Aerospace Assembler Program Finance 2017
Graduation Checklist 2016 OSSI 2017
Proviso- School Nurse Corps Finance 2017
Treaty Minutes: Transcription of Commission Journal and Negotiations with the Klallam, Skokomish, Twana, and Chemakum; George Gibbs; 1855 Indian Ed. Social Studies 2017
Sample Statement of Understanding Form Template ALD 2017
Democracy and Education GATE Social Studies 2017
Washington State Special Education Advisory Council Report Special Ed. 2017
Proviso- Student Leadership Organizations Finance 2017
Proviso- Non-Violence Education Leadership Training Finance 2017
Graphic Organizer: What do the Maps Tell Us? Indian Ed. Social Studies 2017
Sample Written Student Learning Plan Form ALD 2017
Fair and Impartial Courts- Civics Education GATE Social Studies 2017
Proviso- Skill Center Education TechPrograms Finance 2017
Parent Advisory Council Training Manual Migrant/ Bilingual 2017
Graduation Checklist 2017 OSSI 2017
Proviso- K-20Network Education Support Services Finance 2017
The Point No Point Treaty Tribes Indian Ed. Social Studies 2017
Cultivating Strong Civic Purpose Through Service Learning GATE Social Studies 2017
Health Education Glossary Health/Fitness Health & Physical Education 2017
Ensuring Equitable Services to Private School Children Example Timelines 21st Century CLCs 2017
Proviso- Teacher Principal Education Evaluation Training Finance 2017
Proviso- Failing Schools Finance 2017
Annual Report: Recommendations from the EOGOAC EOGOAC 2017
Parent Advisory Council Training Manual Migrant/ Bilingual 2017
Proviso- International baccalaureate Finance 2017
Proviso- Financial Education Report Finance 2017
Proviso- Special Education Ombudsman Finance 2017
Washington State Learning Standards Frequently Asked Questions Curriculum Instruction 2017
Alternative Learning Experience Guide to Serving Students with Disabilities ALD 2017
Proviso- Student Outcomes Finance 2017
Early Literacy Pathways Assessment English Language Arts 2017
Proviso- Safety Net Education Support Funding Finance 2017
Statement of Understanding Template ALD 2017
The 2016 Washington State Health Education K-12 Learning Standards: Focus on Sexual Health HIV Sexual health Health & Physical Education 2017