School Health Profiles

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Laurie Dils

School Health Profiles is a survey for middle and high school Principals and Lead Health Teachers to assess the status of health and wellness-related policies, procedures, instruction, and environments. Schools across Washington state are randomly selected to participate in the survey every two years.

The survey is conducted by OSPI and coordinated by the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Division of Adolescent School Health (DASH).z

The 2022 School Health Profiles Survey will be complete this Fall and includes 435 randomly selected secondary schools. Results will be available in Spring/Summer 2023.

Survey Topics

  • School health education requirements and content
  • Physical education requirements
  • School health policies on HIV and AIDS prevention, tobacco-use prevention, violence prevention, and physical activity
  • Asthma management activities
  • Family and community involvement in school health programs

2020 National Profiles Results

Review the 2020 School Health Profiles results, frequently asked questions, and participation map below.

For more information about results, reports, questionnaires, data files, and more explore the CDC’s School Health Profiles website!

Youth Sexual Health Fact Sheet

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