Washington School Improvement Framework

The Washington School Improvement Framework (WSIF) identifies how schools can improve the education of all students. The Framework combines as many as nine indicators (such as graduation rates, attendance, and proficiency on state tests in math and English language arts) into a 1-10 score. The school's score then determines the state's supports for the school to improve.

WSIF was originally released in March 2018 and was last updated in March 2023. New WSIF data will be released in early March 2024, including an updated round of determining which supports schools are eligible for.

2019 WSIF Data and 2022 WSIF Data are available on Report Card and on the Data Portal.

WSIF Identification FAQ

The WSIF Identification FAQ document (updated 8/18/23) is divided into sections that address different aspects of identification, ranging from the Indicators and measures of the calculation to the supports available to schools identified for Tier 2 or Tier 3 status.

Watch the Cycle 2 Identification Information webinar or review the Webinar slides for more information.



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