2023 Proviso Reports

Every year, the OSPI creates reports showing how the money given by the Legislature was shared out. These reports list who got the money and exactly how much each one got. This helps keep things transparent and accountable. Below are the 2023 Reports.

Preliminary Fiscal Year 2023 State-funded Grant Awards

BA Code Proviso Title Citation
EU2, EV2, EW2 2SHB 2078 (Outdoor Learning Grant Program) - FY2 522(33)
FJ2 2SSB 5720 (Student Financial Literacy) - FY2 522(44)
AE2 Advanced Project Lead the Way Courses - FY2 522(2)(c)
AG2, AH2, AJ2, AP2 Aerospace/Advanced Manufacturing - FY2 522(2)(d)
FL2 After-Exit Running Start Grants - FY2 522(46)
EI2 Americans of Chinese Descent Month - FY2 501(4)(ff)
GB2 Apportionment System Maintenance - FY2 501(1)(b)
KA2 Beginning Educator Support - FY2 515(2)(e)
EJ2 Behavioral Health Support/Staff Training - FY2 501(4)(gg)
MR2 Biliteracy Seal - FY2 501(4)(d)
MV2 Bullying Prevention - FY2 501(4)(e)(i)
DH2 C240 L16 (School Safety) - FY2 501(4)(e)(ii)
CV2 Career & Technical Education - FY2 522(2)(a)
1B0 Career Launch Programs 501(5)(b)
HF2 Career/College Readiness - FY2 501(3)(a)
DM2 Center/Improvement of Student Learning - FY2 501(4)(r)
BR2 Centrum Program/Fort Worden - FY2 522(12)
LE2 Child Mental Health Work Group - FY2 501(3)(f)
CH2 Citizen/Constitution Programs - FY2 522(3)(a)
HE2 Civics Education - FY2 522(3)(b)
EA2 Climate Science Curriculum Staff - FY2 501(1)(a)(x)
BG2 College Bound Outreach - FY2 522(10)(b)
DL2 Comprehensive Civics Education - FY2 501(4)(q)
MK2 Comprehensive Data System/CEDARS - FY2 501(2)(a)
MZ2 Comprehensive Guidance/Planning Programs - FY2 501(4)(g)(ii)
RU2 Computer Science Capacity - FY2 501(1)(l)
3R2 Computer Science Prof Development Grants - FY2 522(27)
BM2 Computer Science/Education Grant - FY2 522(11)(d)
CA2 Controls Programmer Apprenticeships - FY2 522(31)
NF2 CTE Course Equivalencies - FY2 501(4)(i)
AS2 CTE Equivalency Frameworks - FY2 522(4)(a)
CW2, SB2 Dropout Prevention, Intervention - FY2 501(4)(g)(i)
JQ2 Dual Credit Programs/Subsidized Fees - FY2 522(1)
FF2 Dual Enrollment Course Costs Pilot - FY2 522(40)
BD2 Dual Language/Early Learning & K12 - FY2 522(9)
HL2 Dyslexia - FY2 501(3)(c)
EH2 E2SHB 1153 (Language Access in Schools) - FY2 501(4)(cc)
DQ2 E2SHB 1295 (Institutional Ed/Release) - FY2 501(4)(v)
3O2, 3P2 E2SHB 1365 Media Literacy/Dual Citizenship - FY2 522(25)
3N2 E2SHB 1365 Tech Grants - FY2 522(24)
DF2 E2SSB 5237 (Child Care/Early Learning Exp) - FY2 501(3)(e)
DT2 E2SSB 5237 (Child Care/Early Learning Exp) - FY2 501(4)(y)
EC2 E2SSB 5764 (Apprenticeships and Higher Ed) - FY2 501(1)(u)
MA2 Education Opportunity Gap Committee - FY2 501(4)(d)
EX2 Education/Workforce Pathway Pilot - FY2 522(34)
DY2 Educational Opportunity Gap - FY2 501(1)(d)
NH2, TB0 Educator Workforce Supply - FY2 501(4)(k)
3H2 Equitable STEM Access - FY2 522(17)
DN2 ESHB 1214 (K-12 Safety/Security Service) - FY2 501(4)(s)
1A0 Expand Career Connected Learning 501(5)(a)
RD2 Failing Schools - FY2 515(1)(b)
CO2 Federal Way After School - FY2 522(14)
1C0 Federal Way Pre-Apprenticeship Pathways 501(5)(c)
MB2 Financial Literacy of Students - FY2 501(1)(o)
AV2, AW2, AX2, AY2, AZ2, 3G2 Foster Youth Educational Outcomes - FY2 522(6)
GN2 Foster Youth Outcomes - FY2 501(1)(h)
NG2 High School Grad Req - FY2 501(4)(j)
3S2 Highline Pre-Apprenticeships - FY2 522(28)
BB2 Homeless Student Educational Outcomes - FY2 522(7)(b)
BA2 Homeless Students - FY2 522(7)(a)
BP2 Increase Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science (CS) Course Capacity - FY2 522(11)(f)
HM2 Increased Services to Tribes - FY2 501(1)(n)
LT2 Innovative Learning Pilot - FY2 501(4)(n)
BN2 Integrate Learning Standards/FieldSTEM - FY2 522(11)(e)
MC2 Integrated Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEAM) - FY2 501(1)(p)
DK2 K-12 Compensatory Advisory Committee - FY2 501(4)(p)
FK2 K-12 Intensive Tutoring Programs - FY2 522(45)
ML2 K-20 Telecommunications Support - FY2 501(2)(b)
AU2 Kip Tokuda Civil Liberties Program - FY2 522(5)
DG2 Language Technical Assistance - FY2 501(3)(g)
BJ2 LASER Program - FY2 522(11)(a)
GY2 Leadership Academy - FY2 515(2)(d)
AK2 Leadership Internship Program - FY 2 515(2)(c)
1D0 Marysville Regional Apprenticeship Pathways 501(5)(d)
EE2 Mathematics Pathways Pilot - FY2 501(4)(z)
EK2 Media Literacy/Digital Citizenship - FY2 501(4)(hh)
MH2 Military Children - FY2 501(1)(e)
BQ2 Mobius Science Center - FY2 522(11)(g)
DD2 MTSS Data Management/Implementation Contract 501(1)(a)(ix)
DC2 MTSS Data Management/Implementation Staff 501(1)(a)(vii)
DJ2 Multicultural Education - FY2 501(4)(o)
AN2 National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) Certification Salary Bonuses - FY2 515(2)(a)
BC2 Nonviolence/Ethical Leadership - FY2 522(8)
1.00E+00 Nursing Simulation Lab Equipment Grants 501(5)(e)
MW2 Office of Equity & Civil Rights - FY2 501(1)(c)
BX2 One-to-One Mentoring Disadvantaged Students - FY2 522(13)
RR2 Open K-12 Education Resources (OER) - FY2 501(1)(i)
RJ2 Performance Based Evaluations/Certificated Educators - FY2 515(2)(b)
3I2 Pierce, King, Snohomish Opportunity Youth - FY2 522(18)
EY2 Plant-Based School Meals Pilot - FY2 522(35)
FH2 Principal Mentoring/Professional Learning, etc - FY2 522(42)
BT2 Reduce ASB Fees Grant - FY2 522(15)
EG2 Regional Multitiered Systems of Support - FY2 501(4)(bb)
SA0, SM2 Review Alternative Learning Experience 501(1)(k)
MD2 Safety Net Committee Support - FY2 501(1)(q)
3M2 Salmon Fry Education Contract - FY2 522(23)
FI2 SB 5657 (Computer Science Instruction) - FY2 522(43)
LM2 School Meals at No Cost - FY2 501(4)(m)
MX2, MY2 School Safety Training - FY2, Safety Center Admin - FY2 501(4)(e)(iv)(A)
MS2 School Safety/Well-Being - FY2 501(4)(e)(iii)
AT2 Science Teacher Training Grants - FY2 522(4)(c)
HB2 Sexual Abuse of Students - FY2 501(4)(f)(ii)
HH2 Sexual Health Education - FY2 501(3)(b)
DP2 SHB 1208 (Learning Assistance Program) - FY2 501(4)(u)
3T2 SHB 1356 (Native American Names) - FY2 522(32)
CX2 Social & Emotional Learning - FY2 501(3)(d)
3J2 Social Emotional Learning Grants - FY2 522(19)
EB2 Social Worker Centralized Support - FY2 501(1)(t)
CR2 South Kitsap Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Completion Pilot - FY2 522(16)
CC2, CD2, CE2 Spokane SD Pilot - FY2, Chehalis SD Pilot - FY2, Bremerton SD Pilot - FY22 522(29)
EL2 SSB 5252 (School Consultation/Tribes) - FY2 501(4)(ii)
RT2 State-Tribal Education Compacts - FY2 501(1)(j)
MM2 Statewide Accountability System - FY2 501(2)(c)
BK2 Statewide IT Academy - FY2 522(11)(b)
AD2 STEM Lighthouse Projects - FY2 522(2)(b)
BL2 STEM Professional Development Grants - FY2 522(11)(c)
3K2 SW Washington E-Sports - FY2 522(20)
FB2 Tacoma Maritime Career Coursework - FY2 522(37)
FC2 Tacoma Postsecondary Pathway Options - FY2 522(38)
RC2 Teacher Principal Evaluation Training - FY2 515(2)(f)
ED2 Trauma Informed Strategies Work Group - FY2 501(3)(h)
LK2 Tribal Liaison - FY2 501(4)(l)
GX2 Truancy Reduction - FY2 501(4)(g)(iii)
3L2 Truancy Reduction Supports - FY2 522(21)
EZ2 Tukwila After-School Programming - FY2 522(36)
FG2 Vancouver Targeted Workforce Training - FY2 522(41)
BE2 Washington Achievers Scholarship - FY2 522(10)(a)
032, 400, JK0 Washington Assessment System - FY2 515(1)(a)
MP2 Washington Reading Corps - FY2 501(4)(c)
BH2 Washington Aim Program - FY2 522(10)(c)
SC2 Washington Kindergarten Inventory - FY2 501(4)(a)
SP2 Youth Suicide Prevention - FY2 501(4)(f)(i)
FE2 Youth-on-Youth Gang Violence Prevention - FY2 522(39)