Substitute Teachers Data

Contact Information

For questions regarding this data collection and data display, or if you need assistance navigating the data visualization, contact Educator Growth and Development Data Team.

Collection Summary

The following substitute teacher data displays summarize the state, ESD, district, and local levels. They also include substitute teachers' demographics, years of teaching experience, and geographic location. These data may be used to better understand districts' hiring and compensation for long-term and short-term staffing needs. It can also be used to analyze support and resource needs for effective hiring, support, development, and retention of substitute teachers. 

Select your organization level or locale from the first drop-down menu. You may select organization or locale from the second drop-down menu. An optional menu for reason for hire is also available.  

The reason for hires drop-down menu may get 'stuck' based on the organization structure If that happens, use the reset button in the top right corner to reset the first two drop-down menus. The optional menu must be manually reset to 'All' to display all organizations. Initially, all organizations will be made available from this reset; that is expected behavior. Proceed to the first drop-down menu, and your options will be available once again.