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The Office of Professional Practices has statutory authority to investigate individual educators for allegations of unprofessional conduct and allegations of a lack of good moral character and/or personal fitness by certificated educators, and reviews applications for certification when there is any question concerning good moral character/ personal fitness and/or criminal history record.

The Office of Professional Practices does not have the authority to investigate allegations of misconduct by School Board members or non-certificated school employees.

Code of Professional Conduct

Washington state law outlines the policies and procedures related to reprimand, suspension and revocation actions respecting certification of education practitioners in the state of Washington for acts of unprofessional conduct.

How to File a Complaint Against a School Employee

The first step is to file a written complaint with the school district superintendent, educational service district superintendent, or private school administrator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review FAQs related to investigation processes, cases, records, and rights.

Notification of Discipline Actions

Per WAC 181-86-185 this notification to all public and private school officials within the state provides the name and certification number of all certificate holders whose certificates have been suspended, surrendered, revoked, or denied.