T-12 Lighting Grant

Contact Information

Morgan Powell
High Performance Schools Coordinator

The 2022 Supplemental Capital Budget included $1.5 million in grant funds for the removal, disposal, and replacement of T-12 lighting fixtures and ballasts manufactured in or before 1979. Replacement of fixtures must be with energy-efficient LED lighting.

Grant funds are available to all schools, but buildings that are not under contract to be replaced or modernized will be prioritized to receive grant funds. State grant funding may only be provided after all applicable funding from utility company rebate programs available to schools in the state have been exhausted.

Grant Funding

To receive grant funding, schools must provide documentation to OSPI showing:

  1. A certified electrician's report showing the number and location of PCB-containing lighting fixtures and ballasts manufactured before 1979 and
  2. The age and primary use of each facility where the T-12 lighting fixtures and ballasts are located.

Grant Application

Schools can apply for grant funds for this program under Form Package 210 in iGrants. There is no district matching funds requirement.

Grant funds must be spent before June 30, 2023!